Increasing demand for buy-on-board meals in Airplanes and development in the Education and Healthcare Sector to Drive UAE Catering Services Market:Ken Research


The upcoming World Expo 2020, growing construction sector and increasing number of schools, hospitals, corporate offices and hotels have aided the demand for catering services in UAE. 

The UAE Catering Services Market has seen major share of demand from the airline and in flight catering driven by the rising expectations of all the passengers to have healthy nutritious food and growing number of flyers. Adding to this, the contract catering market has seen rising demand from labour camps and industrial sector. UAE Catering Companies, Catering Service Providers in UAE, Catering Business in UAE, Catering Services Market, UAE Catering Market Future The UAE construction sector is growing through a high growth phase with an increase in number of projects, investments into green open spaces and strong government support. This is further supported by the coming up Dubai Expo event to be held in Dubai in 2020. DH 17 billion has been allotted for infrastructure development till 2020 which will include development of housing, roads, railways, schools, health facilities and public building. The catering services also saw higher demand from hotels and marriage functions in 2016 which were 2.4% higher. Recent times have seen a shift towards healthy foods and natural ingredients as lifestyle-related diseases, such has diabetes, cancer and blood pressure problems have increased. People are becoming more sensitive regarding lifestyles and hygiene standards. This change is expected to re-shape the catering services in channels such as education, health care, business services, labour camps and hospitality. UAE has been experiencing dramatic expansion of the health care industry over the past four decades. This is driven by the needs of a growing population and UAE’s efforts to become a regional medical tourism hub. Such developments have augmented the need for catering services in new hospitals for staff and patients. UAE has seen a rise in corporate lunch box catering service with a large number of small catering firms offering a variety of cuisines. With the advent of internet, customers are now more knowledgeable about different cuisines and are demanding a fusion menu. This has been supported by increased smartphone penetration which has made the process simpler. The caterers are also increasing exploiting the digital platform to increase their productivity and create a larger consumer base.

The catering services market has also seen some increasing regulations from authorities such as ADFCA and DHA as there have been cases where laborers were supplied with bad quality food which led to food poisoning. Following such events, the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has raised alert over food safety and hygiene standards. Government has become more particular about keeping a check on all aspects of the food catering services which include cooking, storage and transportation

The report titled UAE Catering Services Market Outlook to 2021- Growing Airline Passengers and Enhancing Digital Technology to Foster Future Growthby Ken Research suggested a robust CAGR of 6.8% in revenue of the UAE Catering Services market by 2021 with changing flight passenger preferences and infrastructure investment driving the revenues of this market in the future.

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