Increasing Internet Penetration and Competitive Used Car Financing Schemes to Drive Indonesia Used Car Market: Ken Research


The gross transaction value of the overall used car industry in Indonesia increased at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2011 to 2016. Growth in macro-economic variables coupled with a positive investment climate led to decreasing car ownership pattern during this period. Increasing discretionary income incentivized individuals to purchase cars at shorter intervals, accelerating growth in sales of new and used car during this period. The entry of a large number of organized players had stimulated growth in the sales of used cars during this period. However, stiff competition caused many dealers to reduce prices/margins on used cars resulting in low revenue growth during this period. Higher sales of entry level cars (economy cars/hatchbacks) and MPV’s have pushed the revenues of used car market during this period.

The used car market in Indonesia was historically been dominated by unorganized players including local used car dealers, car owners and road side mechanics that not certified by the government. Word of mouth advertising was one of the main marketing channels and no major companies were operating in the used car space. The lack of organized players in the used car business has implied low choice and information asymmetry for buyers. In recent times, more Indonesians are finding internet-based stores to be a boon in their increasingly busy daily lives. With the rising internet penetration, consumers are slowly shifting away from the traditional methods of shopping. The advent of online auto classified portals such as Carmudi, OLX and Mobil88 have streamlined the used car industry in the country. There is more transparency in the market and buyers have a wide variety of brands and models to choose from the convenience of their home.

It has been estimated that 36% of car dealers have reported to be focused only on internet and online advertising of their vehicles. In addition to this, social media is also a means being explored by many individuals and car dealers. Around 9% of dealers use Facebook and Instagram to advertise their car list and connect with potential buyers. Maximum sales of used cars through online mode are generated from young individuals within the age group of 21-34 years. Older people (above 45 years) prefer to get a physical look and feel of the car before making purchase decisions.

According to Research Analyst at Ken Research, Multi-brand car showroom dealers must focus on target car segments while online-auto portals should offer competitive listing fee while aiding potential used car buyers in transfer of ownership. It is also essential that the government sets up a used car association in order to further streamline the market and maintain accountability while reducing tedious documentation process for transfer of car ownership. Local dealers can ensure a steady customer base by maintain effective relationship with existing clients and offering extended warranties. Banking and Financial institutions should look to increase the loan tenure for used car financing while providing competitive interest rates.

The report titled Indonesia Used Car Industry Outlook to 2021 – Increasing Online Used Car Portals and Competitive Used Car Financing Schemes to Foster Future Growthprovides a comprehensive analysis regarding the performance of the Used Car Industry in Indonesia. This report will help industry consultants, local used car dealers, online auto-portals; multi-brand used car showroom dealers, potential entrants and other stakeholders to align their market centric strategies according to the ongoing and expected trends in the future.

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