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India, a home of the largest pediatric population of the world and also has the highest number of annual child births in the world. However, almost 80-90% of the drugs used in children presently have never been studied for their efficacy in pediatric population. In India, results of the studies conducted in adult population are extrapolated for use in children. There are no specific medicine development regulations for pediatrics. Indian clinical practice relies heavily upon safety and efficacy data published in other developed countries or on inference from adult dosing.

India pediatric drugs and vaccine market has witnessed tremendous growth in the last five years largely due to high number of annual births recorded at around ~ million, launch of generic formulations of several pediatric drugs including flavored TB drugs, inclusion of several vaccines against diseases by virtue of few doses of vaccines. On the other hand, repeated incidence of some or the other non-vaccine preventable medical conditions coupled with comparatively heavy requirement of drug doses have resulted in a far greater usage of drugs.

How Has The Pediatric Drugs Segment Performed?

Indian pediatric drug industry has been driven by the overwhelming performance of the pharmaceutical industry which is the third largest pharmaceutical market in terms of volume and thirteenth largest in terms of value, contributing towards 10% of global production.

The pediatric drugs market in India grew at a staggering CAGR of ~% during the period FY’2011-FY’2016 from INR ~ billion in FY’2011 to INR ~ billion in FY’2016. Owing to an astounding number of births in the country, the pediatric drugs market exhibited growth at a faster pace than the overall pharmaceutical market of the country during the concerned period. Rising prevalence in the diseases among children is other major factor which has led to the growth in the market during the historical period. For instance, Asthma has been observed to grow at a rapid pace during the historical period. In fact, the market grew by over ~% in FY’2016 due to the launch of flavored TB drugs and WHO’s alliance with Mumbai based Macleods Pharmaceuticals to developed TB drugs for children and supply it globally.

How has the Pediatric Drugs Segment Performed?

About ~% of child mortality is registered in the country. Respiratory diseases including pneumonia and tuberculosis are other commonly treatable conditions for which drugs find extensive usage in the country. Nearly ~ million children are reported to die due to pneumonia every year.

Owing to less prevalence of lifestyle diseases amongst pediatric population, market share of drugs meant for management of diseases has been low. Drug meant for management of diseases are typically chronic diseases, particularly degenerative non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, HIV/AIDS and diabetes amongst others.

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