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Being rightly said, “Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Education sector is one of the prominent industry in the world because of the (I) pressures from globalization; (ii) changing supply of and demand for higher education; and (iii) changes in higher education funding. These various challenges determine the development and implementation of various innovative practices to address them. Technology is changing the way we teach and learn at a rapid speed. So, to make learning more interactive and fun with technology the idea of learning apps introduced in the world. One of the great aspect of having tablets, laptops, and desktops in the classroom is the availability of educational learning apps.  Educational Market Research Report Says with these apps students can individually learn, practice, study, and have fun with different subjects, concepts and theories.

NEW ERA: Education Revolution

There are apps to help manage time, convert measurements, lead healthier lifestyles and for fun but a good percentage of apps are by natural education. Students are acquainted to all the apps that contribute towards enhancing their knowledge and skills yet entertain them as well. They are:

  • One stop solution -Learning apps saved the hassle to Google everything; they became the platform to undertake any course, any subject, acquire any skill without actually going anywhere. They are accessible anywhere, anytime and on any form of device. Students don’t have to worry about missing any relevant point and could skip irrelevant information which is already known to them.
  • Organized and trackableApplication learning is highly systematic, technical and of the smartest way to learn in today’s era. The entire framework, UI and UX of such apps is quite engaging. The organized functioning of these apps makes it simple and easy to track the lost documents from its storage.
  • Entertaining and socialThe entertainment level of these apps enhance the learning experience for the students generating more active and interactive participation. They ameliorate interest on subjects like math, physics etc which students usually despise.
  • Beneficial for all- learning apps have proven their worth to all the potential users, teachers and even parents. Teachers use them to organize their course or make learning fun and interactive for students. Notes stored in the application are easily amendable boosting self learning habits and enticing the budding learners more than mundane classroom.

FUTURE PROSPECT/ CONCLUSIONEducational Industry Analysis states that duolingo is one of the most popular learning app with over 100 million downloads, followed by Photomath with over 50 million downloads and there are others like quizlet, Socratic, edx, meritnation and Byju.

State government of Rajasthan, India launched ‘Dishari’- an educational mobile application that provides free study material for youths preparing for competitive examinations. The app feature interactive quizzes with question related to mathematics, general knowledge, current affairs, computers, reasoning and economics. In the city of Lahore, Pakistan, UNESCO runs a project where they use SMS text to distribute educational context to students in disadvantages area. USA and Europe government is supporting learning apps immensely for growth in education sector.

All these innovative methods of teaching help to identify the true capability and potential of students whilst enjoying videos and subjects taught through games and graphic rather than lengthy texts. They are flexible and are expected to reach the pinnacle in the foreseen future.

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