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Internetland~ when you think about spending time outdoors, you probably mostly think about playing outside in the summer sun. School-free days, long evenings, and splendid weather are all so conducive for outdoor play and exploration. But just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that has to end! Pick out a fun hat, scarf and mittens combo, and pull out some warm sweaters and socks. Get ready to spend some time outdoors this fall and enjoy the fresh air that autumn brings your way.

What is there to do outside in the fall?

Harvest festivals are in full swing in many towns and country suburbs. Many of them are only a short drive away, and are lots of fun for the entire family. Orchards usually have apple festivals, serve fancy caramel apples or gourmet popcorn, take the family on hayrides, and let you either pick apples to take home or maybe a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch! Some of the bigger places have fun activities like outdoor movies, where you sit in your warm car and tune into the sound via FM radio, enjoying the film on a huge inflatable screen.

Going out to pick out pumpkins for carving or painting is a traditional activity that many families enjoy this time of year. Pumpkin patches will advertise their wares in your local classifieds. It’s worth a day outing to make a great trip out of it for the family. Take away all the electronic devices, turn on some fun songs, and sing in the car on the way there. Pick out plenty of pumpkins for your projects. Maybe even have a family pumpkin carving or painting contest! Want a fun, different idea? Buy an eating pumpkin this year and make a pumpkin stew in the shell! Find this idea, recipe, and more like it on our blog (more information below).

There’s much more to do!

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