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Ken research has announced its recent publication on “Hot Topics: Organic and Natural – Capitalizing on consumer preferences for natural and organic products”. The report provides a comprehensive overview on the organic and natural products market. It examines what organic and natural mean as consumer trends and why they are important, who is likely to be the target audience, how FMCG brands can best capitalize on the trends, and what will be the future outlook for the trends. It further helps to draw a comparative study of recent trends in each industry across the FMCG space, and learn about the key opportunities.

Organic is widely defined as food grown without any assistance from the hazardous chemicals. The organic food is usually referred farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance the quality of the environment. The recent interest in the organic industry has sparked the interest of many businesses from small local distributors to large that distribute many products nationally.

While economic concerns remain important for consumers, health and wellness concerns have increasingly become importance. Idea of using food to manage health has developed. This has certainly helped in growing consumer interest in fresh, natural and organic products. Now, consumers understand a food’s nutritional value, as well as overall health risk different types of food poses. They have increasingly become aware of the risk that chemically grown products pose to them. Furthermore, there is worldwide movement to save the environment. The chemicals, pesticides and other preservatives used to make the products have harmed the environment drastically. The water and soil have been polluted severely as the chemicals seep inside them slowly rendering them completely useless and extremely harmful. Thus, for people it is a moral obligation to use natural and organic products to move towards sustainable development.

Since these organic and all natural products are said to be adulterated and abides by organic standard means, so consumer consider it safe healthier and more ethical.

The organic farming has faced certain backlash as well. The critics argue that organic farming is unsustainable. It cannot feed the billions of people all over the world citing its low productivity. The cost of growing the organic crops are higher than traditional crops as it requires constant care , costly inputs and many resources .Thus, the farmers of many countries cannot afford it. Also, it’s profitably is low and many producers shy away from growing it. Further, due to low profitably and high input cost there is always an issue with the quality and genuineness of the organic goods.

Topics covered in the Report

  • Organic and Natural Products market research
  • Organic food market future outlook
  • Organic food market Trends and Developments
  • Organic and natural ingredients market
  • Organic and natural product consumption
  • Organic and Natural Products market share
  • Organic and Natural Products market size
  • Organic and Natural Products market growth
  • Organic and Natural Products market trends
  • Organic and Natural Products market future
  • Organic and Natural Products market analysis
  • Organic and Natural Products market research

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