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According to the study, ‘FINTECH PROFILE: NEOS’ The key partners of NEOS are Aviva Ventures, Munich Re, Hiscox, Zoopla Property Group, Eos Venture Partners. In 2016, NEOS partnered with Collibra, an international player in data governance technology. This partnership will allow for collaborative data governance that helps to integrate business with information technology. Via this collaboration, clients can expect faster data management maturity enhancements, fewer data issues and a lower risk exposure.

NEOS is lead by industry specialists, Earnst Renner, Managing partner, Rob Nocera, Partner Carla Gregory, Senior Principal and Eric Truntz, Senior Principal

NEOS offers unique data management and consultancy services that have the potential to enhance various business verticals. With ever changing technological ecosystem, companies like NEOS have the potential to grow and expand their operations are various regions both small and large.

NEOS, a financial technology company was established in 2000 providing proactive business solutions to leading Insurance, Financial Services and Information Services companies with prime operation in North America, Europe and Asia – Pacific. NEOS helps to realize full potential of any business by craftily integrating technology within everyday business requirements. NEOS focuses on designs and delivers new strategies and solutions to help businesses to overcome operational, regulatory, and technological challenges.

NEOS offers many signature solutions. These include FutureWeek process redesign, Business Processing outsourcing flex, program value assurance, Futurefirst product score card, Data leak accelerator and Data governance accelerator. Program value assurance is an 8-10 week method to carefully analyze business initiatives to ensure successful deployment. The business analysis works in a logical sequence. NEOS helps to identify key issues and shortcoming relating to finances followed by connecting organizational vision with the final outcome of the initiative and verifying its relevance using simple metrics. The process further ensures that no amount is wasted on any technology or action that does not lead to value addition by conducting comprehensive audits. Employees are much needed for any organizational success. The willingness to adapt to new initiatives is where major problem lies. NEOS helps employees to adapt to changes and perceive the change with an open mind. The final step is to ensure effective communication amongst all stakeholders. Any miscommunication can lead to high risk of failure. NEOS takes over the communication of relevant and precise information to all whom it is intended for.

The major operational zone for NEOS is Insurance Industry. It provides life insurance, pension and retirement, employee benefits, property and casualty and annuity oriented technology and financial services. Their technology modernization service focuses on creating a fast paced dynamic and holistic technological environment where concepts like outdated are themselves outdated.

Recently, NEOS launched Internet of Things powered home insurance in United Kingdom. The home insurance product focuses on sensor technology and wireless connectivity to diminish home risks for instance fir, water damage, burglary. The customers are required to install a third party internet connected sensors that trigger in case of any calamity or issue and sends data to the user and insurance companies. The users can manage various components of the sensors and can control some components for instance motion sensors and smoke detectors via their application.

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