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The significant increase in export and domestic consumption of seed, world class R&D infrastructure, growing popularity of organic farming along with government’s focused regulations, policies and initiatives to develop the overall market have been the key factors supporting growth in Netherlands Seed Market.

Netherland’s seed market witnessed majority of the demand from wheat, tomato, potato, barley, corn, grass, flower and some vegetable seeds. The demand for hybrid seed is also high in Netherlands along with open pollinated seeds. The key growth drivers of the seed market have been the significant exports, high investment of companies in R&D of newer varieties and sustainable farming methods practiced by farmers. The competition in the local market has been intense due to the presence of a large number of local and global players producing high quality seeds.

The Netherlands seed market is at a very mature stage and has number of indigenous players that operate on a global level. Initiatives like “Global Alliance for Food” which promotes climate smart agriculture along with “Access to Seed Index” that ranks companies on a global level ensure that the seed industry in Netherland directs the global scenario of the seed industry. Growing popularity of organic farming and successful inclusion of farmers in the agricultural chain are some of the other factors that have positively impacted the overall seed market. World class infrastructure for food processing industry, commerce and logistics have further complimented growth of the overall seed industry in Netherlands.

The report titled “Netherlands Seed Market by (Open Pollinated and Hybrid Seeds), by Crop Type (Wheat, Tomato, Potato, Barley, Corn, Grass, Onion, Vegetable and Flower Seeds) – Outlook to 2022” published by Ken Research suggested a growth at a positive CAGR in revenues in Netherlands seed market due to increase in exports and local consumption as well as extensive R&D for innovating newer varieties of seed in next 5 years till 2022.

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