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Medical devices are those vital devices, which help doctors save human lives. Nevertheless, medical devices are not cheap, they require significant investment. In addition, they are not only expensive, but they require a lot of maintenance too. When for such expensive devices, maintenance is also very costly. Therefore, it is pertinent that hospitals and other research centres which uses medical devices have a well planned maintenance plan. Such a plan will help in keeping the devices in good health and ready to use whenever they are needed for diagnostic procedures, therapy, treatment and monitoring of patients. In addition, maintenance not only keeps the device ready to use, but also prolongs the life of the devices and hence healthcare institutes need to invest on equipments repeatedly.

According to the market research report “North America Medical Equipment Maintenance Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022“, a maintenance strategy is a comprehensive plan, which includes detailed plan for inspection of equipments. It also includes preventive and corrective measures whenever required. Medical equipments have to work in a very precise manner and hence, proper maintenance is required. Measuring the performance from time to time ensures that the equipment is operating correctly and is safe for both patients as well the operating staff, be it a doctor, nurse or any other medical professional. Regular maintenance not only reduces the chances of failure and increases the life of the equipment, but also identify some hidden problems. Since most of the medical devices are electrical equipments, they can fail anytime, and hence, corrective measures are a part of the maintenance plan.

A good maintenance plan consists of planning, good management and efficient implementation. Planing includes financial resources, physical resources and human resources in its purview. Once all the aspects are properly planned, they are properly managed and then efficiently implemented for a good maintenance strategy to ensure that the medical equipments run safely and without failure. This market has many players. GE, Hitachi, Siemens, Toshiba, Philips, UHS, Fujifilm are few of the many companies operating in this segment. The market is also segmented based on application. Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centres and R&D centres are the places, which use these medical equipments and require maintenance. Geographically, USA, Canada, Mexico, are the market leaders in this segment.

Because of increased awareness about healthcare, increase in per capita income and increasing average age, expenditure on healthcare is constantly increasing and with it, use of medical equipments is on the rise. With constantly technological advancements, medical equipments are becoming more and more sophisticated and better maintenance plans are required for keeping those equipments in good health. Hence, this medical equipment maintenance market is expected to expand in near future and show some significant growth.

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