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A medical alert system refers to the devices that are used to signal the healthcare personnel or individuals in case of medical emergency.  The user as a pendant or a wristband, which contains a panic button to summon assistance, wears these devices. These devices help in improving the security and safety of the patients, mainly the patients suffering from long-term disabilities and senior citizens. Fire and smoke alarm, carbon monoxide monitoring etc. are new features that have ensured the safety of the patients and helped the medical staff to provide better treatment. The devices, which are available in the market, include Nurse Call Systems (NCS), Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Automated Airborne Flight Alert System and Ambulatory Auto Alert Systems etc. The PERS is the most widely used device and the NCS is the second most popular device in medical alert systems industry.

According to the market research report “North America Medical Alert Systems Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022“, some of the major companies operating in North America include Philips Lifeline, ADT, Tunstall, Greatcall, Alert-1, Connect America, Bay Alarm Medical Life Alert, Rescue Alert, Mobile Help, Medical Guardian, LifeStation, Galaxy Medical Alert Systems, Lifefone and Better Alerts.

These companies provide a huge range of devices with varied features. On the basis of device types, the market can be sub-divided into landline type, mobile type and standalone type. The most commonly used type is landline-based, followed by mobile and standalone types. The mobile type device are gaining popularity rapidly with the increasing use of smartphones by the people, increasing the consumer base for this type of alert systems. The people are becoming tech-savvy and prefer to use the digitalised medical alert systems available in their smartphones. The standalone devices are compact and have better features like automatic fall detection abilities. These features will lead to the increase in demand for this type of devices.

The major driving forces of the market are the rising number of elderly and disabled people and increased incidences of chronic diseases.The rise in the average age is one of the key reasons for expansion of the market because the risk of accidental falls and other such situations requiring medical assistance is high in the aging population. They have increased the demand for better healthcare facilities and consequently a rise in demand for medical alert systems. The elderly citizens in USA are becoming more and more conscious of a healthy lifestyle and are rapidly adopting medical alert systems for medical emergency. The increasing affordability and accessibility of these systems is one the primary reasons for the growth in the industry. The life expectancy has been on a rise and the average age of the population has increased in the USA, these factors will help in increased adoption of the systems across the country.

The companies have been investing in R&D to improve their existing products and innovate new devices to beat their competition. This provides another market opportunity for the industry to grow. The changes in government regulations like the International Medical Device Regulators Forum and the Affordable Care Act in the United States will help in boosting the demand for medical alert systems. These changes will require the hospitals to widely adopt the PERS and Nurse Call Systems. The market is expected to have a steady growth over the years and provide good investment opportunities.

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