North Royalton Chiropractor, Dr. Patrick McCluskey, Alleviates Pain From Herniated Disc


North Royalton OH, 12-DECEMBER-2014 – Timber Ridge Neck & Back Clinic and Dr. Patrick McCluskey, DC are pleased to announce that pain from herniated discs can be alleviated by the use of non-surgical procedures. The North Royalton Chiropractor offers his expertise to local patients who suffer with back pain linked to disc problems.

Herniated discs are caused when the inter-vertebral discs are compressed in an uneven manner so that pressure causes the contents of the disc to push out through the exterior covering of the disc. This fluid can be very irritating to the nearby nerves. When there is nerve irritation, the result can be pain, weakness or numbness in the arm or the leg. However, not every patient has pain at once. It may develop over time.

Chiropractors review the facts of the case carefully as a first step. They may do a physical examination, or call for digital imaging studies. These reports are considered when setting up a care plan for the patient. The location of the distressed disc is identified and the determination of the therapy will depend on the extent of the damage. Symptoms in the hips, buttocks or legs usually means the disc problem is in the lower back. Arm or shoulder symptoms are usually associated with cervical spine problems.

Generally, solutions for herniated discs rely upon relieving the pressure on the disc, so that it is able to begin the healing process. Re-hydration of the disc means that it is again able to provide the cushioning which is needed to protect the components of the spinal column.

Learn more about the herniated disc pain relief by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are urged to contact Dr. McCluskey at the location listed below.

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