North West Las Vegas Chiropractor, Dr. Matthew Mortensen D. C., Provides Decompression Therapy Options


Las Vegas NV, 08-DECEMBER-2014 – Lake Mead Chiropractic and Dr. Matthew Mortensen DC, are pleased to announce that the practice offers a number of therapeutic benefits for those local residents who are in pain. The methods are always natural and non-invasive. They do employ the latest technology to assist in pain relief as well as healing therapeutic benefits. The Chiropractor Northwest Las Vegas team is experienced and knowledgeable in pain relief and recovery methods.

When the spinal column is misaligned, the vertebrae place pressure on the soft spinal discs which are then caused to bulge into surrounding soft tissue. In extreme cases, the discs are said to rupture or herniate. The bulging of the discs places pressure on the tissue and on the nerve roots which lead from the spinal cord to the extremities. The vertebral pressure on the discs may cause the hydration of the disc to fail. When this occurs, the disc tissue becomes dried out and is less able to provide cushioning action.

Decompression of the spinal column begins with an identification of the areas where there are problems. The technology of the decompression table allows it to be programmed to gently roll the spinal column in a way that provides a widening action between the pairs of vertebrae This action relieves the pressure on the discs, as well as providing a gentle vacuum so that the disc is drawn back into the correct position.

More space between the vertebral pairs permits the discs to gradually re-hydrate and perform their intended role in cushioning the vertebrae from each other. Because the discs are no longer bulging out of the normal position, the electrical impulses are free to move in a normal fashion.

Learn more regarding chiropractic decompression by paying a visit to the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions concerning the details of this press notice are encouraged contact Dr. Mortensen at the location provided below.

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