Oncology Research Digest Shows a Changing Industry


Oncology Research Digest H1 2014 finds that the oncology market is successfully adapting to current challenges. Patent expires and payer pressures have led to relatively slow growth in the cancer market in the last five years, and this will continue to be a feature. However the launch of new drugs for the treatment of various types of cancers including Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, blood, lymphocytic and pancreatic cancer are expected to drive growth. These new products will change the shape of the market, with players such as Johnson & Johnson coming to the fore.

In terms of geographies, the US market continues to lead with the prices of cancer drugs and treatment costs increasing due to the shift in the US healthcare system. The Asia region looks the most attractive in terms of potential, however the Indian and Chinese markets remain hindered by local market factors.

Some highlights from the Digest include:

  • Global Prostate Cancer Therapeutics Market Has Good Commercial Potential
  •  Physicians in China Prescribe Less Expensive Drugs First
  •  Caribbean Countries Present Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Companies
  •  J&J to Emerge as a Key Oncology Player
  •  Shift in the US Health Care Systems Increased the Cost of Cancer Treatment
  •  Branded Drugs Adoption to Drive Breast Cancer Market

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