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Pet owners are increasingly becoming aware about the pet health and their overall wellness. As compared to human and organic food, pet food is taxed more by the government of Argentina. Some consumers are dependent on their leftovers because of hike in prices of pet food. But still, e-commerce emboldens buyers to purchase pet products more flexibly and comfortably.

Consumers have become well aware about the variety and different ranges available in pet products. Also, there has been an increase in demand for premium products for their pets as people are becoming conscious about their pet’s health, especially in the sector of pet food products.

According to the report, “Pet Products in Argentina”, in 2016, pet products market has suffered through a decline. But till 2017, a positive improvement is anticipated in the growth volume of pet products. Within the first month of 2017, a sufficient amount of growth has also been observed after extremely complicated situation during 2016. The evolution of the Argentinean economy in general terms as well as humanization of pets has led to a satiated recovery in sales of pet products in the country.

Therefore, overall there has been an improvement in the market of pet products. There is a stable competitive landscape of pet products and in future it is expected that there will be a rise in the number of players due to development in product diversification.

In 2017, a favorable expansion has been observed via entry of new brands and also Mars Inc., Nestle, P&G Petcare and Grupo Pilar have prolonged to be the major players of pet food market in Argentina. These leading players are continuously involved in ameliorating the quality of food products for pets. Also due to increasing modern lifestyles, people in Argentina have started purchasing these products for their own convenience as well as satisfaction.

About 3 million cats and 9 million dogs are present in the households of Argentina. Proper recovery of economic situation will take place in a short period, which will further persuade the growth of pet products in Argentina. Additionally, government of Argentina is aiming to educate more people about pet nutrition with main focus on the fact that there is a connection between a person and their pet, which should be handled with utmost care and love. In 2017, the pet humanization trend has increased and will continue to amplify in future.

In the coming years, greater varieties of companies and brands are expected to be seen in the market. Also, there will be a growth in humanize pets which will eventually lead to a rise in the demand for pet products in the country. Due to stability in pet care in Argentina, growth of pet products has been well estimated to record substantial increase yearly. Further, with increasing urbanization and growing income levels of consumers, due to rapid affirmative economic and social changes in Argentina; the market will undoubtedly expand its production as well as blossom beautifully with the passage of time.

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