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The report titled “Baby Food In Philippines”, provides a comprehensive analysis of baby foods, infant and toddler nutrition, types of foods, geographical segmentation, global baby foods, global infant and toddler nutrition, leading players, Philippines leading player in baby foods, Mead Johnson Philippines Inc baby food products, and future of baby foods, infant and toddler nutrition in Philippines.

Industry Overview: Baby foods are categorized as infant formula, baby foods, and others. Majority of the infant formula consist of infant milk formula and stage-wise milk formulas. Baby foods are prepared, and dried foods packed with nutrition. The other category of baby foods are drinks, biscuits, rusks or dried bread, snacks, cereals, fruit & vegetables, foods and other solids. Geographically, the baby food market is segmented into North America (the USA, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain & Portugal, Scandinavia, BENELUX), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand, South Korea), the Middle East and Africa (GCC and South Africa) and Latin America (Brazil and Argentina).

Global Baby Food, Infant and Toddler Nutrition Formula Market: It was analyzed that the global baby food and infant formula market will grow steadily over the next few years. The key factor affecting the baby food and infant formula market is that the parents are opting to offer optimal nutrition to their infants such as packaged baby foods and infant formulas to supplement breastfeeding. Organic baby foods are much safer and nutritionally superior to conventional baby foods. Improved living standards of the middle-class population and growing awareness about healthcare are the major contributors to the growth of the baby food and infant formula market. Such food products are a complete or partial alternative to breast milk used as substitutes and are based on standard cow milk-based formulas, soy based formulas, hypoallergenic formulas, and lactose-free formulas. Innovative packing is one of the key trends responsible for the growth of the global baby foods, infant and toddler nutrition market.

The global baby food, infant and toddler nutrition market is highly volatile due to changing consumer demands, preferences, and presence of numerous vendors across the globe. This has compelled the vendors to focus on price, quality, innovation, reputation, and distribution. Consumer’s taste, regional, national, local economic conditions, and demographic trends play a significant role in the vendor’s growth. The major distribution channel for the baby food, infant and toddler nutrition are supermarkets, hypermarkets, pharmacies, drug stores, convenience stores and independent retailers.

Leading Payers: The baby foods, infant and toddler nutrition market has many leading players. The leading vendors in global baby foods and infant formula market are Abbott Laboratories (Abbott), Danone, HiPP, Kraft Heinz, Nestlé, and Reckitt Benckiser. Other vendors in the baby food and infant formula market are Arla Foods, Amara Organics, Baby Gourmet Foods, Beingmate Group, Ella’s Kitchen, Friso, GreenZoo, Healthy Sprouts, Hero Group, MORINAGA MILK INDUSTRY, Meiji Holdings, One Earth Farms, Parent’s Choice, Plum, PBC, SPROUT, and Stonyfield Farm.

The leading players in the global infant and toddler nutrition market are Mead Johnson, Danone, Nestlé, and Glanbia. The infant and toddler nutrition includes formulas and foods. Other leading vendors in the infant and toddler nutrition market are Abbott Laboratories, Arla Foods, Amara, Baby Gourmet, Beech-Nut, Friso, Healthy Sprouts Foods, Hyproca Nutrition, Kerry, Kraft Foods, Morinaga, NurturMe, and Rafferty’s Garden.

Future of Philippines Baby Foods, Infant and Toddler Nutrition Market: Philippines is the 12th largest populated country and 30th largest economy in the world. Over a period of time, the country has developed from being an agriculture-based economy to services-based economy. It has one of the largest growing markets in almost all sectors in the Southeast Asia. Baby foods in Philippines include baby formula, growing up milk, other drinks, biscuits, rusks, snacks, cereals, processed fruit, processed vegetables, other solids and wet foods. Mead Johnson Philippines Inc is the leading player in Philippines baby foods. It manufactures a wide range of milk formula brands for various age groups which is composed of Lactum, Enfamil A+ One, Enfamil A+ Two, Enfagrow Stage 3, Enfagrow A+ Four, Alacta Infant Formula, Alactamil and Alactagrow. Mead Johnson Philippines Inc leading product brand is Lactum. Philippines Department of Health is likely to attain success by creating awareness in consumers about breastfeeding in the first six months. Majority of the working mothers in the country rely on milk formula. It was observed that the increasing awareness in infant health and nutrition will drive the baby foods, infant and toddler nutrition market in Philippines. The country will witness a steady growth in the baby foods, infant and toddler nutrition products over next few years.


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