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The US is the biggest market for prepared meals across the globe and is expected to increase at a meagre CAGR of approximately 2%. The market is big largely because of the rising demand from the  affluent citizens supported by the working women. The busy lifestyle of working women, getting limited time for cooking has boosted the market manifolds.

If the market is assessed in terms of volume, then US is the biggest market for prepared meals of which Ready meals constitute the largest segment. Another reason which has added to the demand for prepared meals is changes in the structure of the households which has led to consumption of meals many times in a day. according to the Market Research Analyst, Ken Research

The research report brings about key information / statistics on rising demand from major groups, reasons for preference of prepared meals, key dynamics of the market such as the consumption of prepared meals in the US, identification of growth areas and how to strategise business policies. The industry research reports also covers the below mentioned details:

  • Market Size of US Prepared Meals Market, by Value and volume
  • Competitive Analysis of US Prepared Meals Market with Other Countries
  • US Prepared Meals Market by Category, by Volume
  • Market Share of Major Companies in US Prepared Meals Market
  • Competition Among the Private Label Brands in Comparison to National Brands
  • Major Players in US Prepared Meals Market, by Category
  • Top Retailers in US Food Market
  • Distribution Channels in US Prepared Food Market
  • US Prepared Meals Market by packaging
  • Trends and developments
  • Issues and Challenges
  • Future Outlook and Projections for US Prepared Meals Market

The research report on US Prepared Meals Market will help companies who wish to enter the prepared meals market in understanding the overview of the market, peer competition, market size of the industry, leading brands, major issues and challenges. The research report will aid the existing companies to channelize their efforts in the right direction. It will also help them in formulating effective business strategies to achieve the organisational goals. For more information on the market research report please refer to the below mentioned link:


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