Qatar Industrial and Event Catering Sector Contributed over One-Fourth of the Overall Revenue Share in 2017: Ken Research


Ken Research in its latest study, Qatar Catering Services Market Outlook for 2022 suggests that Shaqab, Tamini Services, Qatar Star Services, Qatar Aircraft Catering and IFS Qatar will continue to be the main providers of catering services in this space. However, these top players will witness an increasing competition from small regional players due to low barriers to entry.

It is expected that the Qatar Catering Services Market will register a positive CAGR during the 2017-2022 period. It is expected that the geographical expansion, the increase in the demand for fusion cooking and the increase of Public and Private Investment in infrastructure will drive the Market of Catering Services of Qatar in the future.

The report provides information on the size of the Qatar Catering Services Market, the market segmentation according to the type of contract and the main end users.

Use of digital platform in the Qatar Catering Services Market has helped in making the whole process simpler, transparent and more effective. Major companies are using technology to monitor the procurement process to control the quality standards, manage inventory and storage facilities and reduce wastage by using appropriate equipments and proper estimation of food to be produced for a certain event.

All Qatari standards are based on standards developed by the Gulf Standardization and Metrology Organization of the GCC (GSMO). These include guidelines and regulations to monitor the quality of catering services provided in schools, hospitals and labour camps in order to avoid food poisoning and inculcate healthy eating habits. Industrial and event sector has accounted for the largest share in the Qatar Catering Services market in 2017. Construction activities have majorly been driven with the implementation of government programs such as National Vision (QNV) 2030 and Qatar Rail Development Program (QRDP). The industry’s output value in real terms increased at a CAGR of 17.81% during 2012 to 2017.

It is anticipated that Qatar’s catering services industry will be driven mainly by the increase in construction activities as major infrastructure projects are implemented under Qatar Vision 2030. The country has begun renovation and new projects for the World Cup 2022. The country has designed plans to obtain USD 222 billion in amount for 2022 for infrastructure projects, including stadiums, hotels and other facilities related to transportation. Offers for such projects have been floated. The construction of these new projects will create a demand for catering services in the workplace. The tourism sector is expected to reach USD 7.2 billion by the year 2025 with the goal of receiving 4 million visitors by 2020. This will be supported by investment under the 2030 Strategy of the National Tourism Sector. This will create more opportunities for catering services in hotels and hotels. In addition, experiential food is a concept that is gaining prominence. Hotels and premium segment catering customers expect good customer service. Catering services can use the experiential dining concept to gain a competitive advantage by offering services such as themed food and extreme forms of design and decoration. The burgeoning economy of Qatar is expected to attract more expatriates who prefer a high standard of living. It is expected that this segment will demand superior food services in the corporate sector. These people with an average age of 31 are well exposed to other cultures and, therefore, demand fusion stoves.

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