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How Qatar Real Estate Market is positioned?

Qatar is a home to 2.6 million (in 2017) people and ~ % of it incorporates immigrant population. In addition to this, Qatar has a very favorable economy with highest disposable income and a favorable spot for investment. Qatar real estate sector contributes a substantial share in its overall GDP with infrastructure projects accounting for highest spending. The growth in Qatar real estate market has been driven by various segments which majorly include residential, retail, hotel and commercial sector.  In 2011 market was estimated at USD ~ million and increased to an estimated at USD ~ million in 2016 registering a five year CAGR of ~%. Increasing expatriate population, high per capita income, increasing inbound tourism and FIFA World Cup 2022 are primary factors of Qatar real estate market.

The growth in Qatar real estate market has been driven by two major segments namely- sales and rental markets. Between both the markets sales real estate market is the dominating real estate market of Qatar. The market is further segregated into four sub-segments namely– residential, retail, hotel and commercial sector. During 2011–2016, Qatar witnessed an increase in population at a CAGR of ~ %. Increasing property prices, rising inbound tourism by ~ % and surge in infrastructure development for FIFA Cup 2022 have escalated the growth for Qatar Real Estate Market.

Qatar Real Estate Market Segmentation by Sales and Rental Market

Qatar real estate market is segmented on the basis of two major rental and sales market.

Qatar rental real estate market has escalated from USD ~ million in 2014 to USD ~ million in 2016. Increasing population of the immigrants, Qatar diversifying its economy, increasing rental rates and high disposable income were the key drivers for increase in rental real estate market value.

Qatar sales real estate market is majorly driven by 3 main regions namely – Doha, Al Rayyan and Al Wakra contributing more than ~ % to the overall sales real estate market value (in 2016). Increasing property prices, demand of land for construction of new projects, interest rates and population are major drivers of sales in real estate market. In 2015, market grew to USD ~ billion from USD ~ billion in 2014 at registering a growth of ~% but market witnessed a huge decline of ~% in 2016 to USD ~ billion at a CAGR of ~%.

Doha Real Estate Rental Market

Doha is the capital city and the leading real estate market of Qatar. It is the residential, commercial, retail and hospitality hub of the country, and attracts large number of people. Moreover, the city of Doha is home to a large number of foreign corporations. Immense business and employment opportunities in the city have attracted large number of migrants from other countries. With the upcoming major events in Qatar, the aim of the government is to make Doha the main tourist attraction of the country which has led to increase in supply in all the sectors in the market. Over the years the rental real estate has grown at CAGR of ~ % and the rental value has almost doubled in past six years. The overall rental market has inclined during the period 2011-2016 from USD ~ billion to USD ~ billion in 2016.

Trends and Development in Doha Real Estate Market

Retail Sector has witnessed high surge in supply during 2011-2016 and with many projects in pipeline, the market of retail space will increase at an alarming rate within next five years.

Doha, the capital is witnessed as the land of opportunities. Economic diversification has given various opportunities to companies and immigrants to come to Doha. This would lead to increasing number of opportunities in both residential and commercial sector and increase the need to build spaces for respective sectors.

Doha Real Estate Market Future Outlook

The projections for the future suggest that the market is expected to showcase a tremendous performance, by growing at a CAGR of ~ % over the period 2017-2021. Residential rental market is projected to increase owing to huge immigrant population. Doha will witness completion of various hotel and mall projects under pipeline by 2021. Various townships would be completed in Doha like Lusail City, Msheireb Downtown Doha catering to all sectors of the market.

The immigrant population of Doha is expected to increase after economic stability and increasing job opportunities in both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon sectors by 2017. The residential market is expected to dominate in future owing to increasing population, increasing residential units and increasing job opportunities in Doha.

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