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France is the world’s sixth largest economy by nominal figures estimated for the year 2017 and is the third largest economy in Europe. The country’s capital Paris is the nation’s financial capital. The chemical industry and tourism sectors are the major contributor to the country’s economic growth. The country finds enough strength to reinvent itself during hardships with the country’s inventors and entrepreneurs. The country’s aim is to resume its place among the major industries and to play its role in the environmental, energy and digital evolution. France is very enthusiastic to build 34 new industrial sectors that are competitive, where-in one can recover lost markets and win new ones. The country’s aim is not simply to have technological for display purpose but to view it animated. The French population are eager to see the rediscovery of the innovations of tall buildings made of timber in French cities, second-generation bio-fuels in petrol stations, 3D printers, and robots in factories.

It was observed that after five years, the French consumer electronics market grew rapidly in both volume and value terms. Consumer electronics sales were generated through internet; however, store purchases were highly motivated. There was a huge demand for smart consumer electronics such as car entertainment, computers, video players, portable media players and digital cameras. Samsung electronics maintained its value and volume leadership through its smartphones. Samsung electronics was at a margin gap with close rivals emerging as top brands, namely Asus, Huawei, Lenovo and Acer, gaining presence in France. Apple, Wiko and Sony maintained their leading positions.

According to Ken  Research report titled “Consumer Electronics in France”, the French economy grew and changed under government direction and planning much more than in other European countries. France although is a moderate economy, the government plays a significant role in the economy. All the labour conditions and wages are well regulated. The government owns shares in corporations in a range of sectors, including banking, energy production and distribution, automobiles, transportation, and telecommunications. The leading industrial sectors in France are telecommunications, aerospace, defence, ship building, pharmaceuticals, civil engineering, chemicals, textiles, and automobile production.

The French electronics industry reported a decline in 2016 but the industry continues to be dominated by the production of fixed and wireless communication accessories. The growth in consumer electronics market is determined by the sale of smart phones, 4G, tablets, computers and peripherals. The usage and availability of these products is very high which are the most technologically advanced in the world. There is also a sturdy growth in tablets and 3D printers where sales are expected to grow rapidly as they are easily available to consumers. The UNIX and RISC / Itanium servers are the most successful servers in the peripherals market in France. There is a strong demand for mobile devices that are well-connected with quality speed. The French population prefers 8-inch screens tablets. Thought there is a sharp price fall in tablets, the consumer electronic market growth sustained high volume growth. The most leading brands are Samsung, Lenovo, FNAC, Parrot, Arches, Asus, Acer and Amazon. Consumer electronics sector is encouraged by the market of “Phablets” or screens over 5 inch with the availability of 4G bandwidth.

The five-year outlook in the consumer electronics market in France will be depressing due to modest growth in the market as smartphones are increasingly close substitutes for computers. The global computers and peripherals market is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade with the introduction of touch screen computers and multiple screens options. The consumer electronic market will grow rapidly in the field of technology and internet.

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