Rise in Demand for Digital OOH Ad-space and Innovative Methods in Physical OOH Media will lead to Creation of Premium Ad-space in Indian OOH Advertising Market: Ken Research


  • Transformation of Physical ad-space to digital ad-space will help in creating premium locations for OOH advertising.
  • Leasing and renting of government spaces to generate additional revenue will help the OOH advertising to increase its reach amongst masses.
  • Development of modern urban transit such as metro stations and airports will boost the OOH advertising on transit media and nearby locations as they cater to high traffic volume.

Ken Research announced its latest publication on “India Out of Home (OOH) Advertising Market Outlook to FY’2021- Future Growth to be Driven by Digital and Innovative Physical OOH Media” provides a comprehensive analysis of OOH advertising market in India. The report focuses on overall market size for lease and renting of OOH advertising space. Market is segmented based on product type (Physical and Digital) and sub segmented by type of media vehicle (billboard, gantries, transit and others), by target locations (road side environment, transit, street furniture and others) and by sectors. The report also covers the competitive landscape of major players in India for OOH advertising market, regulation governing OOH advertising, SWOT analysis and Porter 5 forces analysis. The report concludes with market future projections and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and threats.

Major factors that will lead to positive growth in the OOH market include government agencies appointing consultants to analyze and help them in realizing their potential from advertisement (Railway has appointed E&Y to realize its advertising potential), Privatization and easing of FDI norms will attract many companies in Indian market. E-commerce companies are expected to continue to invest in OOH advertising by using interactive sources. General elections in FY’2020 will be very big boost to the OOH advertising in the country.

Physical OOH advertising will continue its dominance even though it may lose some market share to digital OOH advertising as it is registering a fast growth rate. At many locations, digital OOH media is substituting physical OOH due to more suitable and economical situations. Digital OOH advertising is the future of OOH advertising in India. With improvement in basic infrastructure, rise of new cities and increased urbanization, scope and investment in advertisement will increase from which digital OOH will also receive substantial benefit.

According to Research Analyst at Ken Research, creating a uniform regulation regarding display of advertisement in outdoor environment will ensure consistency and sustainability to investors who can make long term investment in developing infrastructure for OOH advertising. It will also help to engage manufacturers in printing material and display manufacturers to invest in R&D to develop material and products that can be utilized for the benefit of the industry participants if they expect growth in the future.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  1. Global Out of Home (OOH) Advertising Market Overview and Size
  2. India Advertising Industry Introduction
  3. India OOH Advertising Industry market Structure
  4. India OOH Advertising Market Segmentation by Type, By Sectors
  5. Rules and Regulations governing India OOH Advertising Industry
  6. Introduction and Market Size for Physical OOH Market in India, Pricing, Market Segmentation by type of Media Vehicle, Target Location, By Sectors, Trends & Developments and Future Outlook.
  7. Introduction and Market Size for Digital OOH Market in India, Pricing, Market Segmentation by type of Media Vehicle, Target Location, By Sectors, Trends & Developments and Future Outlook
  8. Segment Wise major players in India OOH market.
  9. Competitive landscape of major players in India OOH market.
  10. SWOT Analysis.
  11. Porter 5 forces analysis.
  12. Mergers and Acquisitions
  13. Tendering Process in procuring government owned sites for OOH advertising.
  14. Trends and Developments.
  15. Future projections and recommendation.

Key Products/Services in the Report

  • Billboards
  • Gantries
  • Transit
  • Video Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Wrap arounds

Key Market Players in the Report

  • Times OOH
  • TDI
  • Pioneer Publicity
  • Laqshya Media
  • JC Decaux
  • EG Communications
  • Bright Outdoor Media

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