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The history of glass fiber was not so updating and innovative but with the development in the technologies and current scenario represents significant growth in the prospects of the market. Generally, by using melt spinning techniques the glass fibers are produced. These include melting the glass composition into a platinum crown which has minor small holes for the molten glass to flow. E-glass fiber is the most effective as it consist of an initial electrical application. It was the first glass formation used for continuous filament formation and alkali free. It is very much helpful for the making up most of the fiberglass production. Based on the product type, the classification of E-Glass Fiber is done in the market differently which includes General-purpose glass fibers and special-purpose glass fibers. Due to the application of E-Glass Fiber such as construction, transportation, industrial, consumer electronics the demand for E-Glass fiber is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

Some of the major properties that have made E-glass so popular in fiberglass and leads a significant growth to the market such as high strength, relatively low density, non-flammable, resistant to heat, good chemical resistance and others. According to the report analysis, ‘Asia E-Glass Fiber Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report’ some of the major companies which are currently functioning in this market for making the E-glass fiber more effective and productive which includes Jushi Group, Owens Corning Corporation, PPG Industries, CPIC, Taishan Fiberglass (Sinoma), Johns Manville, Nippon Electric Glass, Sichuan Weibo New Material Group, Jiangsu Jiuding New Material, vetrotex (saint-Gobain), Lanxess, Changzhou Tianma Group, Ahlstrom and others. The E-glass market can be discriminated on the support of material, usage, type, end-use industry and others.

The new strategies and investment enhance the status of the market geographically. The market is spread across the Asia as the demand for E-glass fiber is growing such as China, Japan, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia and other regions. However, Asia-Pacific region is also expected to manage a significant share in the global E-Glass market. Moreover, with the advantageous properties of E-glass fiber results the positive growth to the market such as low cost, high stiffness, high production rates, able to maintain strength properties over a wide range of conditions, good electrical insulation and others. Therefore, the E-Glass fiber market is highly competitive with the presence of the regional and global players operating in the market. Significant increase in the demand resulted in higher competition which makes the market more efficient and fruitful for all the players and consumers.

With the increase in the industrialization, population and increase in the disposable income the demand for E-Glass fiber is significantly increasing in the construction sector. Moreover, the E-Glass fiber is majorly consumed by the consumer of electronics where the usage of fiber glass play’s a significant role. In addition, with the significant increase in the demand for the E-Glass fiber makes all the leading players of the market more focusing on the development of technology, upgradation in old processing units, improvement in the strategies and policies along with improvement in the quality at reasonable cost. Therefore, all the vendors are working in effective manner which will lead to new opportunities in the market along with new entrants. Hence, the increase in usage of the product will further lead to market growth significantly in the near future.

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