Rising Internet Access and Increasing Popularity of Social Media Platforms to spur the growth of Philippines Online Advertising Industry: Ken Research


The Online advertising market in the Philippines has shown a tremendous growth during the last few years. The market has grown at a stupendous CAGR of 43.4% during 2009-2013. This has been mainly on account of the increasing popularity of social media and the rising internet access rate in Philippines. Apart from this, the mobile phone penetration rate and in specific the smartphones have gained much of the attention of Filipinos which has led to a larger internet presence in the country. All the factors have contributed in the ongoing growth of the online advertising market.

Online Advertising in Philippines is being carried out by different companies across various sectors. Some of the most important sectors in terms of contribution to the overall revenue are retail and consumer goods, telecommunications, financial services, web media and entertainment and others. The retail and consumer goods capture the products of daily use and high importance to the people.

The online Advertisements can be classified by different types of advertisements such as display ads, mobile ads, online video ads and search ads. The contribution of display ads has been projected to decrease in the coming years. The major reason being, that the mobile ads would gain immense popularity amongst all the different online advertisements.

Philippine has been witnessing a digital boom in terms of acceptance of the digital technology at a large scale and new startups coming into picture. Apart from this, a number of small as well as large scale investors have shown interest in Philippines on account of major developments in digital advertising. The rise of the new startups has contributed in the overall development of the online advertising industry in Philippines

“The increasing internet coverage in the country coupled with the rising popularity of social media platforms such as facebook and twitter would immensely contribute to the overall growth of Online Advertising in Philippines. Overall the future of the Philippines Online Advertising Industry is favorable on account of growing number of internet users in the urban as well as rural and distant areas which would lead to a greater reach of online advertising.”, according to the Research Analyst, Ken Research.

The report titled Philippines Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2018- Driven by Rising Internet and Social Media Penetration Rate” provides detailed overview on the Philippines Online Advertising Market and helps readers to identify the ongoing trends in the industry and anticipated growth in future depending upon changing industry dynamics in coming years. The report will help Industry consultants, local and global ad agencies in Philippines to align their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected trends in the future.

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