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Ken research announced its recent publication on Cigarettes in Finland . The report provides a comprehensive analysis  on the cigarette market of Finland. It gives an highly analytical, extensive and  detailed current and future market trends in the Finnish market. It further , covers market size and structure along with per capita and overall consumption. Additionally, it delineates about the brand data, retail pricing, prospects and forecasts for sales and consumption to 2025.

Finland is a sovereign state in northern Europe and a part of the Eurozone .The nation has a highly industrialized mixed economy . The service sector is the largest sector of the economy at 72.7% , followed by manufacturing ( 31.4%) and primary sector (2.9%).  It has a relatively open economy and the international trade is a third of the GDP. The biggest trade partners are with, Russia  Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Netherlands and China. The Finnish tax structure is heavily based on ad valorem or value-based tax

Finland is sparsely populated as it located in the Arctic circle . The nation does not have a very young lot of citizens ats over 20% of its population are above the age of 65. Finnish government invests heavily in education , training and research and thus delivers one of the most quality workforce in the world.

On the external front, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990s had hit its exports badly. With the fall in prices, western sanctions related to the crisis in  Ukraine and Russia’s trade retaliation against the EU has further impacted the trade negotiations of Finland. Further, the wage rate is rising and the labour productivity is falling.

The level of smoking in Finland is lowest amongst all the European nations . Recently , the sale for cigarettes is falling regularly . The major factor is the regular rise in the price of cigarettes. Further, the campaign against smoking and the government commitment to fight the industry is showing success. The ban on the flavored cigarettes will also impact the industry as methanol cigarettes have a considerable share in the market.  As EU brings out its tobacco product directive , the industry is set to see more setbacks.

The laws related to tobacco products

  • Sale is prohibited to people under the age of 18
  • Advertising is strictly prohibited
  • People cannot smoke in restaurants, pubs or workplaces
  • Retail sale of tobacco is subject to license

Thus, with the enactment of strict laws, the Finnish government aims abolish smoking completely in the upcoming years

Topics Covered in the Report

  • Cigarettes Market Finland
  • Cigarette Market Consumption Finland
  • Global Cigarette Production Volume
  • Finland Cigarette Market Future Outlook
  • Cigarette Advertisement Expenditure Finland
  • Finland Cigarette export volume
  • Finland Cigarette import volume
  • Finland Cigarette Market Size
  • Finland Cigarette Market trends
  • Finland Cigarette Market growth
  • Finland Cigarette Market share
  • Finland Cigarette Market future
  • Finland Cigarette Market analysis
  • Finland Cigarette Market research

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