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The Philippines government has taken number of steps to assure the quality of the seeds to be distributed and to strengthen food security in the country. The seed producers have to take certification from the government in order to distribute the seeds in the market. Furthermore, the food inspectors of the government organizations do a quality assurance of the field where the seeds are developed. This has increased the food security and improved the quality of the seeds used in the country over the past few years.

Aligning with the rising food security, the production for rice and corn has also enhanced. Rising pressure on the production of rice owing to the growing population, diminishing growth rate of rice production area, leveling-off of rice yield have increased the pressure on the manufacturers of the rice in the country. It has been also anticipated that the population will further increase which will increase the demand of rice by 40-50% as compared to the current demand. Hybrid rice is more efficient and it also increases the productivity and quality of the rice. Hybrid Seeds offer a major advantage in terms of increased yield of up to 100%. Additionally, single cross hybrid seeds offer benefits in terms of better planning and easier handling of seed production as against the multi-parent cross variety of seeds. Owing to the high prices of single cross hybrid seeds, their increased adoption by various private seed companies has escalated the revenues of the Philippines seed industry.

Production of corn has also magnified in the last few years. Corn is the second most important crop in the Philippines. Yellow corn is mainly used and traded as raw material for animal feeds (almost 70% of the annual national corn production). During the last four decades, marked developments were made in terms of the provision of various corn seed technologies in Philippines. Majority of the farmers in the country are adopting modern technology to grow corn to meet the rising demand for the corn. The modern technologies used in the production of corn provide ample of benefits in the production.

The seed supply system in Philippines has a direct correlation with the research sector indulged in seed variety development phase. The research system in Philippines is of little relevance because seed varieties which are introduced do not correspond with the farmers’ need and on farm improved seed production is not strengthened.

In line with the major trends which have governed the seed industry in Philippines, there are few challenges as well that has undermined the growth. Poor adaptation of new varieties to most farmer conditions, lack of on-farm variety testing for farmer evaluation and a large number of seed varieties available in the market makes it difficult for the farmer to choose. These factors have constrained the growth of seed industry in Philippines. Additionally, in certain cases, national breeding programs remain unrelated to the actual needs of farmers, and this implies the cause for large quantity of seed or vegetative propagated material imported for certain crops.


The report titled “Philippines Seed Market Outlook to 2021” provides detailed overview on the Seed market in Philippines. This report helps reader to identify the ongoing trends in the industry and anticipated growth in future depending upon changing industry dynamics in coming years. The report is useful for seed manufacturers, seed coating companies, fertilizers companies, pesticides and crop protection chemical companies, agricultural department and ministries and other stakeholders to align their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected trends in the future.

Topics Covered in The report

  • SWOT Philippines Seed
  • Seed market Genesis
  • Seed Production Statistics
  • Philippines Seed Industry
  • Philippines Vegetable Seed Market
  • Hybrid Seed Market in Philippines
  • Export Seed Philippines
  • SL Agritech Market Share Philippines
  • Import Seed Statistics Philippines,
  • Ramgo International Philippines Market Share
  • Pioneer Hi Breed Seed Competition Philippines
  • Company Profile Allied Botanical Philippines
  • East West Seed Philippines Growth
  • Seed Quality Philippines Hybridization Rate Seed

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