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In modern times, people are connected to each other through the Internet. Every one craves a speedy Internet as almost everything is dependent on the Internet. And, the router plays an important role in establishing high-speed internet connections. So, with the speedy Internet becoming a necessity, the router industry is expected to growat a tremendous rate in near future.

The factors favourable for the global router industry’s growth are the expanding Wi-Fi technology, the increased usage of high-speed Gigabit Ethernet devices, adoption of power of Ethernet (POE) for various applications and trends of converging business and residential networks.

The other technological drivers of the industry include the increased demand for Internet-enabled devices and the expansion of cloud networking along with the adoption of virtualized technology.

Types of Routers

Routers can be mainly classified in two types – broadband routers and wireless routers. Broadband routers are used for a variety of functions such as for connecting computers, connecting the Internet through phone or using voice over IP technology (VOIP). Broadband routers have both Ethernet and phone jacks.

Wireless routers are used for wireless signal/connection in home or office. These routers can also combine the functions of a router with those of a network switch and that of a firewall.

Growth in the Router Industry by Region

According to study conducted by Ken Research in its research report titled “Global Router Industry Situation and Prospects Research report 2017”, the North American router industry is growing strongly. Investments have grown in the US router industry substantially, as service providers are purchasing router products for meeting the increased demand for data.The rise in fixed broadband traffic and mobile data traffic has propelled service providers for upgrading their core networks in the North American regions of Canada and the USA.

The European router industry, which has shown a decent growth in the past, is likely to show weak growth rates in future owing to the economic weakness in Europe along with softness in the publicsector. There will be substitution to lower-end devices which is estimated to hamper the router industry’s growth in Europe.

Ken Research highlights, the Asia-Pacific router market will witness significant growth.In this region, the Indian and Chinese router industries will experience massive growth due to the increasing demands from f enterprises as well as residential customers.

The other reasons for growth include various initiatives and the tenders invited by governmentsfor creating wireless infrastructure. In addition, huge investments are being made by companies to build and expand new networks.

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Major Market Players in the Industry:TP-LINK, D-Link Corporation, Cisco, Tenda, Belkin, NETCORE Group, MERCURY, Netgear, FAST, Buffalo, Amped, Edimax, ASUS, Huawei, XiaoMi

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