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Photo studio industry in Saudi Arabia has seen constant year-on-year growth over the period 2011-2016. As per Ministry of Statistics, Saudi Arabia and Ken Research Analysis, numbers of photo studios in the kingdom have inclined from ~ in 2011 to ~ in 2016 posting a CAGR of ~% during the period. Market size in terms of revenue has also witnessed considerable growth over the past five years as the number of corporate events and weddings in the region have amplified. As revealed by The Saudi Exhibition and Conventions Bureau, number of corporate events held in the kingdom inclined to ~ in 2016 from ~ in 2015. On the other hand, ~ weddings were registered in Saudi Arabia during 2016 (Ministry of Justice, Saudi Arabia).

To cover large events and marriages, around ~ photographers while ~ videographers are required. Therefore, increasing number of weddings and other events have propelled the market for photo studios in the kingdom. The photo studios market is evaluated in terms of revenue to be around SAR ~ billion.

The entire Makkah region has the highest number of photo studios (~) in Saudi Arabia closely followed by Riyadh with ~ studios as of 2016. On the other hand, Eastern Region has accounted for ~ studios during the period. On an average, a photo studio in Saudi Arabia earns approximately SAR ~ million annually

Riyadh Photo Studio Market

Photo studio market in Riyadh has observed consistent growth over the past five years. Riyadh photo studios market in terms of revenue has been earmarked at around SAR ~ million in 2016 contributing over ~ to the overall revenues of the Saudi industry during the year. There were around ~ photo studios in Riyadh during 2016 with a total of ~ employees. Factors such as enhancing number of events (weddings + corporate), launch of new products and growing urban and youth population have boosted the photo studio market in Riyadh over the past five years.

Being the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is known for hosting some of the most lavish weddings and largest corporate events and exhibitions in the country. In 2016, ~ marriages were registered in Riyadh. The capital city is also considered as the corporate centre of Saudi Arabia.

Geographic Market Performance Of Riyadh City

Riyadh is the most profitable option for setting up a photo studio in Saudi Arabia compared to other cities. The city’s budding meetings and conferences industry, growing number of wedding celebrations, high per capita income and urbanization provides ample opportunities for photo studios in the region. Within Riyadh, Al-‘Olayya and Sulaymaniyyah district is considerably popular among the photo studios in the city.  Al-‘Olayya and Sulaymaniyyah are part of Riyadh’s business district with ~ photo studios located in the area. These districts comprises of some of the top hotels that generate considerable demand for photography services in the city. Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski, Hyatt, Four Seasons, Al Faisaliah, Hilton Garden Inn and many others are located on Al-‘Olayya and Sulaymaniyyah district. Moreover, Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition center and the Kingdom Center are also located on Al Olayya district making it one of the best places to establish a photo studio in Riyadh. Furthermore, being situated on this district also helps in attracting high profile clients as it is the business district of the capital city and considered as a high profile area. Al-‘Olayya and Sulaymaniyyah district is further subdivided into 8 districts. Some of the major photo studios located on Al-‘Olayya and Sulaymaniyyah district are Inas, Cattleya, Frame Studios, Lama Studio, Zamani Studio, Malameh Alfan Studio, Reema Studio, Lens Light and Gold Flash Studio.

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