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Savory baked goods are croque monsieur, flans, frozen baked goods, quiches, tourte and other savory baked goods. Savory products also includes potato crisps, other savory snacks such as tortilla chips, baked snack biscuits, rice biscuits, corn-based snacks and snack nuts excluding chocolate confectionery. With consumers’ awareness about their health, majority of the manufacturers are reducing salt and fat content in baked goods with the introduction of light and low-fat variants. More natural ingredients are used in savory baked goods in the United Kingdom.

The savory and deli foods market consists of cured meats, fermented meats, pates, pies & savory appetisers, pre-packed sandwiches, prepared salads, and savory baked goods. Majority of the baked goods in United Kingdom are usually available at the outlets and are ready to eat. The major distribution channels are hypermarkets & supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, dollar stores, variety store, cash & carries and warehouse clubs, e-retailers, food & drinks specialists, drug stores & pharmacies, health & beauty stores, other general retailers and others. The leading players in the savory baked goods in United Kingdom are Florette SAS, Ginsters Ltd, Greencore Group plc, and Salads To Go Limited.

According to the study Savory Baked Goods (Savory & Deli Foods) Market in the United Kingdom-Outlook to 2021: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics, UK consumers are interested in eating as wide a variety of foods as possible such as bread, cakes, dessert mixes, frozen baked goods, and or pastries. Modernization along with availability of highly technological equipment is the major driving factors affecting the savory baked goods in United Kingdom. The operating environment of the savory baked goods market in United Kingdom ensures positive business decision making associated with the historical trends of the industry. Consumers prefer healthy products such as organic and health focused products. Majority of the United Kingdom population are consuming savory & deli food products with high-protein claim that is a strong preference considering its crucial role in weight loss.

Cookies such as all sweet biscuits, American cookies, Artisanal cookies, assortments, butter-based cookies, chocolate cookies, cream filled, other cookies, plain cookies, and wafer biscuits are within the category of savory baked goods. Cookies market has registered a positive growth and is expected to witness a rapid growth over the coming years. Bread and bakery products are a part of the savory baked goods which includes products such as bread, rolls, pastry, cakes, pies, tarts, pancakes, waffles, part-baked and frozen products. The introduction of various varieties of breads such as crispbread, gingerbread, sweet biscuits, toasted bread and rusks, wafers and waffles has initiated a drastic growth in this category.

It was observed that over the coming years there will a drastic growth in the sales value and volume of savory baked goods and deli foods of popular brands such as croque monsieur, flans, frozen savory baked goods, quiches, tourte and other savory baked goods. There is also a huge demand for the premium brands in savory baked goods. The UK savory & deli foods market in United Kingdom generates huge revenue along with the increasing sales volume. The market consumption of savory and baked goods has witnessed a growth in volumes and will witness a continuing growth in the coming years.

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