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France is a leading industrialised country with mixed economy and is ranked as the EU’s second largest economy. French government has introduced many rules and regulations in the food sectors. To preserve the traditional culinary culture in France, the government has taken major steps by removing all vending machines selling soda and junk food in schools. With the rise in childhood obesity, the government appointed many committees not only for children but for the entire population and made sure everyone are eating well-balanced and healthy meals.

Baby foods are either soft, liquid paste or chewable foods. A lot of care should be taken with certain foods that pose a choking hazard to babies, such as undercooked vegetables, grapes. Liquid baby food consisting of pureed vegetables and fruits, sometimes mixed with rice cereal and formula milk. When baby is able to chew, small, soft pieces of food may be included. Homemade baby food is less expensive than commercial baby foods available in stores. Homemade baby food requires mincing or pureed fruits or vegetables and preparation time is more.

The increasing number of women in workforce triggered a huge demand for organic baby food. The urban population is the largest consumer of baby foods and formula. The baby food market consists of baby cereals, dry meals, baby drinks, baby finger foods, baby wet meals, special energy formula, stage-wise milk formulas, follow up milk formula and others.

The decline in birth rate and recent food scandals in France are a major contributing factors for downfall in baby foods industry. There is a decrease in the growth of organic baby foods and conventional baby food due to several factors. Many of the medical practitioners are advising parents to feed their children home-made foods, therefore, the sales in ready-to-eat industrial baby food has reduced. It is expected that there will be a possible growth in the coming years for baby foods and organic baby foods in France.

According to research report, “The Baby Food Market in France 2017” , there is a slight growth observed in this sector due to decrease in price. The major competitors in baby food market are Nestlé and Blédina, with great advertising power. The French market also has new brands in organic baby foods such as a British Brand “Quinola Mothergrain” produces baby food pouches. Organic baby food market in France has captured many opportunities with its naturalness and the quality of their recipes. The leading organic baby food company is Hipp.

The baby food market in France is expected to performing better from the year 2017, however, it is predicted that the birth rate is like to fall and will lead to very minimum consumption of the products by 2022. Developed and developing countries witness a huge market for milk formula and own more than half of the global market shares. In 2016, Wet meal accounted for 56% share of the volume demand whereas milk dominated the sector by holding 53% in value terms in the same year.

The growth in French baby food industry was gloomy during 2009 and 2010. In the year 2014, the baby food industry showed a strong growth by opening doors for new players and industries. Consumption of baby food in volume terms is predicted to grow by 2.9% by 2022. In the year 2015, the French baby food market growth decline rapidly due to difficult economic conditions. Also falling birth rate is expected to continue creating challenging situation for the baby food market.

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