Smart Watch and Fitness Band is Expected to Contribute Two-Thirds of the US Smart Wearable Devices Market by 2021: Ken Research


Increase in health conscious consumers, more consumer friendly devices, and acceptability at all age group and sex promoted the sales of smart watches in the US

The report titled “The US Smart Wearable Devices Market by Type (Fitness Bands, Smart Watch, Smart Eyewear and Others), by Distribution Channel (Online, EBOs, MBOs, Others) – Outlook to 2021” by Ken Research suggested that market for US smart wearables will be driven by new and upcoming technological features. Improved integration with other devices will further boost the demand for smart wearables. Both existing large tech corporations such as Google, Apple and others as well as new and emerging companies will also play a significant role in market development.

Smart wearables created a new market segment in consumer electronics and health devices. The companies made innovation to make the products accessible to the normal everyday user. Fitness wearables which earlier was restricted to use by professionals was made simpler and cost effective for use by daily users. The market saw sudden spurt in demand for smart wearables with introduction of fitness bands by Fitbit. Post that, range of products was introduced in the market which had both positive and negative impact. The market saw entry of established players such as Garmin, Apple, Google, Microsoft and others with few successes and many failures. Smart watches gained significant momentum in demand especially after they managed to work like a hybrid between smart phone and fitness band. Launch of Google glass was not very successful however some other companies managed to make improvement in smart eyewear by introducing both AR and VR glasses.

Growth was mainly fuelled by health conscious consumers, new gadget lovers and rising percentage of people with lifestyle diseases. Increase was registered in the out of pocket expenses in medical and related services which made people to focus on their health. Smart wearables can be easily linked to smart phones and can be used for variety of other purposes which further augmented the product demand. Continuous innovation in the product made it more consumers friendly and devices are easily available for wearing on different body parts.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

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Market Share Garmin US

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Future Outlook Smart Watch Market

Wearable Technology Market Size and Share

Wearable Technology Market in United States

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