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South Africa-The Future of Foodservice to 2021, published by GlobalData provides extensive insight and analysis of South Africa’s Foodservice market over the next five years (2016-2021) and acts as a vital point of reference for operators or suppliers. The South African Foodservice market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.6% from between 2016 and 2021. Local and large international players compete for the market, with the biggest players in both FSR and QSR being local. This is reflective of the continuing difficulty and peculiarities of the market. Deep social and economic divides between demographics continue to dictate the vast majority of consumer trends. While the middle and upper classes drive growth in coffee and tea shops and the large number of casual dining outlets across the country, the lower classes demand greater value. High inflation is also having a significant impact, pushing up food prices, increasing an already difficult supply chain. This is helping to push a return to local flavors and township food in channels such as QSR, especially among the lower classes. Understanding these trends are crucial to best capturing these visits. The report includes:-

Overview of South Africa’s macro-economic landscape: Detailed analysis of current macro-economic factors and their impact on the South African foodservice market including GDP per capita, consumer price index, population growth and annual household income distribution.

Growth dynamics: In-depth data and forecasts of key channels (QSR, FSR, Coffee & Tea Shops, Pubs, Clubs and Bars) within the South African foodservice market, including the value of the market, number of transactions, number of outlets and average transaction price.

Customer segmentation: identify the most important demographic groups, buying habits and motivations that drive out-of-home meal occasions among segments of the South African population.

Key players: Overview of market leaders within the four major channels including business descriptions and number of outlets.

Case Studies: Learn from examples of recent successes and failures within the South African foodservice market.

Consumers are reporting caution concerning their futures, helping to drive growth in the already successful QSR channel. The arrival of fast-casual formats and brands is helping to drive this, creating a higher end destination for the young population. Social and economic divides continue to play an important role in the foodservice market, with distinct consumer trends apparant between them. The success of loyalty schemes, promotions and offers will continue to drive growth in chains across all channels in the growing economy. However, inflation will put continued pressure on the lower classes, while also encourage the use of local ingredients. Specific forecasts of the South African foodservice market over the next five years (2016-2021) will give readers the ability to make informed business decisions through identifying emerging/declining markets. Consumer segmentation detailing the desires of known consumers among all major foodservice channels (QSR, FSR, Coffee & Tea shops, Pubs, Clubs and Bars) will allow readers understand the wants and needs of their target demographics. Relevant case studies will allow readers to learn from and apply lessons discovered by emerging and major players within the South African foodservice market.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Future Of South Africa Food Service

South Africa Foodservice Market Research Report

South Africa Foodservice Market Forecast

South Africa Foodservice Market Revenue

South Africa Foodservice Market Size

South Africa Foodservice Market Future Outlook

South Africa Foodservice Market Analysis

South Africa Foodservice Market Opportunities

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South Africa Foodservice Market Growth Analysis

South Africa Foodservice Market Value

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