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In New Zealand there is a limited supply of adult mouth care product brands such as Reckitt Benckiser New Zealand’s Bonjela Oral Gel, iNova Pharmaceutical’s Difflam Mouth Gel and Hamilton Pharmaceutical’s Ora-Sed Gel. These brands are unavailable in pharmacies and grocery stores but are available in some online retail stores. Thus, these three brands are ruling the present New Zealand’s oral care market. Bonjela oral gel is classified as a general sale product; therefore it is readily available in any of the super markets across the country. The Difflam brand offers many oral relief products for cough and throat remedies, therefore has good business.

According to Ken Research Report “Adult Mouth Care in New Zealand”, New Zealand’s adult mouth care remains an important sector, predominantly for the country’s ageing population with symptoms of dry mouth. All the youngsters in New Zealand enjoy state-funded dental care until their eighteenth birthday. It was observed that after the eighteenth birthday youngsters were not funded for oral health that led them to decline their oral health.

According to the study conducted by Ken Research, cost is a barrier for adults because dental care is unaffordable for some communities. Research also reveals that a sensible diet and brushing teeth can give long term dental health benefits. Government funding on oral care has more than doubled the (GDP) Gross Domestic Product. The non-demographic factors play a major role in terms of health segment than the demographic factor.

The overall growth in 2016 was stronger due to the country’s floating economy and hike in prices. The public prospect of the health system increased as technology developed with various oral care treatment options that are affordable.

Every year in New Zealand, a day is set aside to provide free dental care to all the citizens of the country and the day is called as a Lumino Day. This year Lumino Day was held on May 7th 2017. On this day, more than 150 dentists gave free dental treatment worth $150,000 to 400 families in New Zealand.

New Zealand government in 1938 established Health Act where oral health care was actually a part of public health but it was not affordable at that time. The government on the other hand has taken measures to promote oral health care in adults from an early age.

Subsidised dental care was a traditional measure by the government of New Zealand; therefore, a new dental care policy would soon be released.

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