Superior Health Solutions In Las Vegas Offers Trusted Solutions For Thyroid Disorders


Las Vegas NV, 15-NOVEMBER-2014 – Superior Health Solutions is pleased to announce that local patients can obtain reliable solutions for thyroid disorders with trusted methods and products. The Las Vegas Thyroid Doctor is experienced in identifying the problems and issues which are associated with thyroid disorders. Problems with the thyroid gland are often not recognized by traditional medical practitioners. The professionals at Superior Health Solutions understand how to identify malfunctioning thyroid glands and prepare a therapy plan to improve functioning.

The symptoms of thyroid issues include lack of energy, trouble sleeping, weight gain, depression and thinning hair. A standard assessment will assure the patient that the gland and thyroid production is functioning within normal range. Among health care practitioners, thyroid issues are considered to be the most misdiagnosed health condition.

The thyroid is not an organ which is necessary for life. It is however, an organ which is needed in order to live well. Without the thyroid operating at optimum rates, the body doesn’t have an adequate amount of energy at the cellular level. This is a factor in every major disease. Testing doesn’t identify the problem because the issue is not the amount of T4 hormone which is produced, it is an over-production of antibodies against the hormone. A complete battery of tests must be conducted to identify the exact causes of thyroid problems.

A plan for caring for patients with thyroid issues is customized to fit the patient and the condition. Some of the typical components of the care include infrared light therapy, frequency specific microcurrent, oxygen therapy and nutritional supplementation. Together, these methods are able to speed healing at the cellular level. The thyroid is rebuilt which leads to total body health.

Learn more about thyroid health by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about this press release are invited to contact the clinic at the location listed below.

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