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Over the forecast period, a strong retail volume in terms of mounting CAGR has been seen by vacuum cleaner industry in United States. Rise in sales of the market have been high. Japanese-based Techtronic Industries Co Ltd, which is a division of TTI Floor Care North America, has remained the leading player in the sales of vacuum cleaner in 2016 in United States. Dirt Devil, Hoover, Oreck and Royal brands are the top ranked brands that are offered by TTI in 2016.

According to the market research report “United States Vacuum Cleaner Market Research Report Forecast 2017 to 2022“, with increase in growing population as well as urbanization in United States, there has been an increase in demand for appliances which have a property of saving time and are easy and comfortable for home cleaning. There is change in consumption pattern and increase in expenses on household appliances because of sustainable life style. Therefore, for the vacuum industry to grow there is a need for customary development and innovations, keeping in mind that these innovations must abide by the efficiency and environment friendly provision. Newer technology will also layover the battery life issues and resultantly shall encourage household vacuum cleaners market-demand to rise.

Under EPA and NHPA, the United States government keeps a close watch on the technical up gradations so as to insure that no side line damage is caused to related products. Incorporation of smart technologies such as HEPA filters; security camera, UV sterilization, etc. are the advancement in technology, in vacuum cleaner. Residential robotic vacuum cleaner have become very popular in United States, Europe and China. It is also called Robovac that can function in a specific area without involvement of human. It consists of a docking station, mobile part and other accessories to assist its operations. It can clean floor, pools as well as gutters. Smart navigation, laser vision, mapping, room memory, self-emptying function are some functions of robotic vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the cost effective and handiest tools for cleaning homes. Vacuum cleaner offers the most effective way for cleaning floors and by purifying the air quality it also reduces the risk of allergies. To extract dust and dirt from upholsteries, draperies, and floors, the vacuum cleaner utilizes an air pump for creating vacuum. A vacuum cleaner consists of a dust bag or cycle, which has the sufficient space to store a significant amount of dust for disposal purpose. Smaller housing option trends has built a need for higher degree of convenience and will also lead to the cordless modality being taken as a secondary option in houses with traditional vacuum cleaner. Middle class people of United States are showing uprising interest in buying advanced and easy to use vacuum cleaners as price is one of the main factor influencing the choice of consumers. Another factor also influences the vacuum cleaner market-the rising awareness about the benefits of vacuum cleaner to meet daily routine cleaning needs in United States.

Price may be the key factor of influencing the customer’s decision but there are other measures to increase the sale of a particular brand in the market. Using retailing channels like mail, telephone, catalogs, brick and mortar stores and websites will increase consumer access to the product. Social networking plays a main role in promoting the product. A good relationship between retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler and agent helps the vacuum cleaner market in United States to grow in future.

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