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Ken Research has released report on the growth estimates of Tablet PCs in the global market titled, “Global Student Tablet PC Industry Situation and Prospects Research report 2017“. The report dispenses the key trends and the in-depth analysis over the growth prospects of the student tablet PC industry accompanied with the integrity of logic and the comprehensiveness of contents that is substantially guaranteed to enrich the report reader who is either an industry insider or investor, with the professional and extensive data analysis. Moreover, the opportunities for new investment projects being assessed are also provided.

In accompaniment, this report also provides the basic overview of the industry inclusive of its definition, applications, classifications, industry chain structure, international developmental history, competitive landscape analysis, the major regions development status and policies/plans, manufacturing process and cost structures, import/export, supply and consumption figures, cost price, revenue and gross margin by regions, global company profiles, product picture and specification, capacity, production, contact information, upstream raw materials, equipment and downstream consumer analysis.


Since the past few years, we all have been acquainted with the urgency of laptops for students in order for them to complete their assignments, projects, etc. But then tablets came along and now even an iPad or the 2-in-1 thing is more likely to excel on a student’s checklist or the school supplies. By definition, a Tablet PC is a portable computing device which looks much like a detached screen from a conventional notebook computer, or perhaps a hand-held computer that’s been scaled up. Moreover, one of the key advances that made the Tablet PC possible is the development of ultra-low power microprocessor chips by companies such as Transmeta and Intel. However, the global markets is witnessing decline in shipments since the past couple of years starting from the Great Recession period of 2009.

Tablet PC features a full-sized color screen, a sleek and solid design, great speakers, an internal hard drive, pencil and keyboard support along with the other features associated with a standard computer. This greatly enhances the use of a Tablet for public presentations often inclusive of even the complicated multimedia presentation which can be loaded without the risk of running out of space. Almost all Tablet PCs either come with wireless networking built in, or can be upgraded to have that capability.  Standard ports, such as USB and/or Firewire, are available on most models and yet others are being provided with the high-end waterproof feature which further makes it a more desirable piece of work. However, there are several drawbacks discovered as well which have been greatly contributing to the decline of the industry since the past few years. Tablet PCs are expensive, more than the notebooks of the same processing power, not all software is Tablet-aware, in addition they can be difficult to read under some lighting conditions (some fluorescent lights or bright sunlight) and although being highly portable, battery powered, and equipped with wireless networking, Tablet PCs are still tethered to a projector for large group presentations, which poses subsequent delays in the process.

As stated by the market research, the world economy enlarged by just 2.2 per cent in the year 2016, and is anticipated to further extend by only 2.7 per cent in 2017 and reach till 2.9 per cent in 2018; it can be contemplated as a state of stagnant growth. It is not to say, that the market growth is impeded, but rather it’s moving on a very sedating pace of recovery indicating the state of economic stabilization for the present as well as the future rather than a robust revival of global demand. Moreover, the correspondence between the demand, investment, trade and productivity coupled with the weak global growth may prove to be self perpetuating for the Tablets PCs industry.

Market Opportunities

Acknowledging all the implications, the tablets still stand to raise the bar for the rest of the competition in terms of build quality, features and performance. It can be highly anticipated that the Tablet PCs will further endure the qualities of being lighter, more powerful, and less expensive as time goes on while inculcating the real usability gains through integration processes. The integration features would prove exceptionally fruitful for the Tablet PC, since they operate under similar constraints of size and power consumption, though the constraint of the screen size can possibly pose a limit on miniaturization. However, it has been envisaged that several research groups (academic and corporate) are conducting operations on developing flexible, “roll-up” displays which could resultantly lead to the growth of convenience of the Tablet PC as that of a paperback book.

The segmentation by region portrays Europe as representing the largest market worldwide along with the US’s preference for branded and well designed tablets is further expected to boost the market growth in the coming years. The key players identified as playing significant role in the growth and development of the Tablets PC industry include BBK, THTF, Noah, Readboy, Uniscom, ZhuangYuanBang, Ozing, Koridy, NINTAUS, WISDOM CITY, Uniscom, Besta, Thinker, Instant Dict, Malata, JinLiYuan, and YK. These companies are further focusing on the innovative development of the product in addition to its creative brand reinforcement.

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