The Revenues in the India Vacuum Market is Expected to Augment at a CAGR of 9.4% – Ken Research


The Indian Vacuum Cleaner Market has evolved from being an elite-centric market into a market which caters to the demand for all income groups. Around 5 years back, the penetration of vacuum cleaners in rural areas and semi urban areas was miniscule. However, due to surge in awareness in the rural areas, the demand for vacuum cleaners has been rising. The growth in demand for vacuum cleaner in India has primarily been driven by rapid urbanization, change in lifestyle and rising purchasing power of the people. With the number of working women on the rise, hours spent in household chores have reduced due to which the demand for this time saving equipment has risen. India Vacuum Cleaner market has witnessed an immense growth in the recent years.

India vacuum cleaner market has been segmented on the basis of demand being originated from residential and non residential sector. The demand from residential sector has dominated the overall market. With the reduction in size of households, it has become cost effective to use vacuum cleaners for cleaning purposes instead of manual cleaning with the help of housemaids. Additionally, most of the houses these days are carpeted due to which the demand for vacuum cleaners from residential sector has expanded. With the growth of non residential sector, an expansion in outsourcing of cleaning services has been observed. Some of these outsourcing companies are namely Signature services, Koncept and others which provide office cleaning and housekeeping services.

India Vacuum Cleaner market has witnessed a promising growth in revenues, which has been enabled by the surge in demand from domestic and overseas markets. . The domestic demand for vacuum cleaner market has escalated at a rapid pace, which was primarily fueled by rapid urbanization, rise in female working population, advancements in technology and outsourcing of cleaning services. The vacuum cleaner market in India faces severe challenges such as lack of consumer faith in the domestically produced goods, high costs of raw materials and poor technology due to which there is excess dependency upon imports.

Demand for vacuum cleaners in India is increasing at a rapid pace mainly because of the crucial developments in technology which has made them cost effective and easier to use. Noise free and dry vacuum cleaners have witnessed a major surge in demand from various educational institutions, hospitals and business houses. For malls and airports, battery life of the vacuum cleaner is the major decision criterion as there are large areas to be cleaned. Increased emphasis on corporate social responsibility has promoted the use of eco-friendly equipment by the various business houses. . Keeping this in view, Eureka Italy has designed the new Eco Line scrubber-driers equipped with the exclusive Eco System (patented), which breaks water economy and detergent saving barriers.

India vacuum cleaner market is distinct from developed countries mainly the US and the UK. Most of the developed nations have witnessed a transformation in demand from handheld and canister models to the robotic cleaners, whereas in India the vacuum cleaner market is still in its infancy with enough growth potential still present in the handheld and canister segments. Consumer preferences are an important prerequisite that new players consider before entering into the market.

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