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There are many occasions when you want to approach discover, explore & book entertainers for various occasions. There is a requirement to bridge the gap between a host and an artist, through a secure, cost-effective and transparent medium, for a successful collaboration. And one startup that has been working towards this initiative is Starclinch.

StarClinch is an online platform which serves as a one-stop solution to discover, explore & book entertainers. Their extensive listing of; Models, Dance Troupes, Live Bands, Photographers, Instrumentalists, Singers & Performers, serves as a tool to find the best of talents, well suited for your gathering.They are committed to provide quality entertainment for your weddings, parties, inaugurations, corporate events or when you’ve a reason to celebrate. is a recent start up; where services of enrolled artists can be hired online. It’s a free-listing website for artists & clients where entertainers get a dedicated online space for showcasing their talent to event organizers/vendors. It offers a dynamic platform for Artists to manage their profile, prices & offers, so the clients/vendors looking to book artists can be updated immediately.

Team StarClinch

Delhi based StarClinch was founded by Varun Agrawal in the year 2015. Varun was a full-time investment banker with ICICI Bank. He is a graduate in Engineering (Comp. Sci.) and a post-graduate in Business Administration from FORE School of Management.

StarClinch is an ultra-transparent online portal that comprises a huge database of artists spread across 14 categories and 100+ subcategories. They have more than 9000 artists registered with us, and are doing 200+ shows a month. Besides, they have so far engaged up to 1100 artists for gigs such as private shows, pub shows, weddings, corporate ceremonies, college festivals and other various areas of entertainment. StarClinch has reached a level where it is almost impossible to break its monopoly both in terms of B2B and B2C engagements. They are aiming to take this venture further to registering 25,000 artists by the end of 2017.

The organization started in January 2015 and has today over 30 employees working across five departments – Product Development, Networking, Business, Content, and Digital Marketing. They are continually working towards nurturing an environment which is focussed, reliable and opens up an array of opportunities for entertainers and organizers.

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