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Well in this era of globalisation and computerisation of everything around us, we are developing new codes and softwares everyday. But what is equally important is to run these and that is where developing test cases comes into picture.

One startup that has understood this well and is working towards this direction is TestLodge. TestLodge is an online test case management tool designed to be far simpler than traditional software by only providing the essentials to get the job done well. The system focuses on helping you create your test plans, input your requirements, create and manage your test suites and cases along with allowing you to easily perform multiple test runs and generate reports.

Scott Sherwood – Founder TestLodge

Cardiff, U.K. based TestLodge is the brainchild of Scott Sherwood who is a professional software developer himself and decided to set up his own online test case management tool. TestLodge integrates with the majority of today’s leading issue tracking tools so when a test fails in TestLodge, a ticket is automatically created saving the tester the time of creating one manually.

TestLodge team is a relatively small, experienced in their fields and passionate about what they do. Being a neat and compact operation keeps the focus on making a great product; one that we continually seek to improve through development. As a small unit, they can better react to issues as they arise and can communicate and support our customers directly.

With a clean, modern interface and packing only what’s needed, Testlodge is lean and efficient when it comes to online testing. Accessible from all over the world, their cloud based tool lets you get on with your testing quickly, because there’s nothing to download, install or maintain. Build a suite of test cases using our clean, simple interface or import existing test cases from a spreadsheet, it’s up to you. Stay fully informed as you work through your testing by integrating with one of several issue tracking tools available that automatically create a ticket when a test fails. When it comes to testing, TestLodge takes care of all your testing needs.

Both parts of their website (the main website and the blog) currently average about 15,000 unique visitors every month. They also cater to almost every country in the world – in the last 12 months there have only been 12 countries worldwide that haven’t used them. On that note, their future aims include listening to their users’ feedback and to keep tweaking and improving the tool, while growing their user-base.

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