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Dressing up has always been a tedious task for most of us. While we all have wardrobes full of clothes, we somehow manage to not find anything when we try to dress up for an occasion. But Estilorobe is there for resolving all these problems for you.

Founders Estilorobe

Estilorobe is an ultimate dressing app that lets you create your virtual closet. Upload images of your wardrobe items, create new looks & get fashion advice instantly. Their android based App helps you organize your closet and create outfits by mixing n matching what you already own. Click pictures of your wardrobe items, upload them in the app categorically and boom! You have your virtual closet at your fingertips. Create new looks every day and share these with your friends too. If you need help in deciding what to wear, Send in your query and based on your profile details their stylists will help you with the fashion advice and suggest trendy looks which can be created using your existing clothes.

The startup was founded by Pahul K Mahajan and Pooja Aggarwal in the year 2014 and is based out of Delhi. Pahul is a graduate from NIFT, with 2 years of work experience in the apparel retail sector and 4 years in apparel exports. And, Pooja has done her MBA from IIFT, with 3 years of work experience in the IT industry, presently working as a consultant with an MNC. In addition to these two their team consists of Vikrant Mahajan who is the strategy wizard with a degree from IIT Delhi, and works on the overall strategy building and revenue generation of app, and, Trivial Works their coding partners, who look after the Coding and backend server management of the app.

Their app provides the users a platform to organize and keep track of all their wardrobe items, virtually. It helps them create different style looks to wear from their own wardrobe and gives them the personalized fashion advise. Currently no single app exists in market which provides all these feature on one platform.

They are currently planning to accelerate their growth and market penetration. They are also planning introduce various other exciting features in phase 2 and phase 3 of app release.

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