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Preparation, blending, compounding and packaging of toiletries are the processes that are performed in the toiletries industry to manufacture the products. A wide range of personal care and hygiene products are a part of the toiletries industry such as lotions, hair preparations, perfumes, shaving preparations, face creams, sunscreens etc. There are various uses for these products which includes beautifying, cleansing, increasing attractiveness and improving the overall appearance of human body. Some of the products perform a specific function like bad odors are avoided by perfumes and deodorants; cosmetics are used to improve attractiveness and for protecting from dust and sunlight face creams and lotions are used.

In 2016, the toiletries industry has received the biggest market share from Europe. The share is a cumulative result of the aggressive marketing and promotions, high levels of disposable income and a high awareness regarding toiletries. The major brands have also been investing in product innovations and have introduced many new products along with improvements in the existing product range. Asia closely follows Europe with a market share of about 36% and is the second largest region for toiletries market. The third largest share is held by America with a market share of nearly 25%.

According to the report, “Toiletries Market Global Report 2017”, globally; lotions, perfumes, face creams and hair preparations have accounted for the biggest segments in the toiletries market in 2016. The biggest market share has been recorded by lotions which is a smooth liquid preparation. It is used on the skin for cosmetic purposes, medicinal or protective purposes. Sunscreens are also included in the segments which are used for protection from sunburns from harmful UV rays. The second largest segment has been recorded as hair preparations with a significant market share. This segment comprises of hair cleansing, grooming and modifying products. The products are applied in the hair and the product range includes shampoos, conditioners, rinses, sprays, dyes, bleaches, nutrient lotions etc.

The leading companies in the toiletries market have long been Reckitt Benckiser Group, Henkel AG & Co., Unilever and Beiesdorf AG. One of the emerging trends in the market is halal products. These products are made using ingredients which are not derived from animals and have not been tested on animals. Halal certified products are facing an increasing demand and international halal standards HAS 23000 are being met by a greater number of companies like BASF which claims to have 145 of its products to meet international halal standard HAS 23000.

With the growing behavior of appearance consciousness, the consumers are looking for products which will enable them to improve their appearance and give them cosmetic benefits. It has become one of the key drivers of the market as consumers are aiming to get maximum benefits from the products in hygiene and cosmetic perspective.

Maintaining personal hygiene is becoming more and more important for people. The consumers are willing to try new products which have led to many companies investing heavily in product developments. Products are being inspired from spa space in order to provide convenience and relaxation to the consumers in the comfort of their homes. Hand washes and showering are the segments which will further grow due to this experimentation in the coming years.

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