Tumblr rolls out new content filtering tools, here is the ‘Safe Mode’


Tumblr has made a significant new addition to its features. The platform has added in a brand new Safe Mode, which will ensure that you can browse all the content on the website, with a filter that keeps all the explicit stuff away from you. While this was an ability that Tumblr already offered, Safe Mode allows you to keep unwanted content off your Tumblr dashboard as well.

In case you are not an avid Tumblr user, the dashboard is the place where you can get updates from all the blogs you follow using the platform. So, it is kind of like the news feed. However, there are all sorts of blogs and all sorts of content on Tumblr and sometimes, you may come across content that would be disturbing to you.

However, you can enable the Safe Mode, and Tumblr will automatically ensure that you are kept from any sort of sensitive content. What happens is pretty basic, but effective: All Tumblr does is, that it places an screen over any content that it deems to be sensitive in nature. And you will have to click again, and confirm that you actually want to watch that content, before it reveals the photo or the video.

This is similar to how Facebook often hides violence and other content to keep them from suddenly shocking its users. In Tumblr’s context however, the move is even more important considering that over 20 percent of clicks to the company’s desktop website is driven through adult content. That is more content than any other category drives on the platform.

Keep in mind though, that Tumblr’s definition of what is right and what is not, is kind of strict — by a point o comparison, think about a fussy old grandma. If the content contains nudity for instance, even if it is there for artistic purposes, the content could well be classified under sensitive and this could have an effect on the number of clicks.

Meanwhile, you can also opt out of the sensitive filters. Until you don’t though, all posts that have been marked as sensitive by their creators will come with this filter. And the platform’s moderation team will also be keeping an eye out for such content.

The all new Safe Mode is available on both web and mobile, starting today.

Source:: https://thetechportal.com/2017/06/20/tumblr-content-filtering-tools/


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