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Lifestyles In The United Arab Emirates:-

The UAE’S Culture and heritage is inextricably linked to religion and is a very great example of Islam’s true commitment to hospitality and tolerance.The foreigners who come to visit the UAE are free to wear what they want according to UAE Consumer Lifestyle Market and women are free to visit and drive around unescorted

Empowerment Of Female Consumers:-

Historically women’s financial contribution to the family was considered vital but she was neverthess one who was in charge of funds.

Many socio-economic changes during the past decades have transformed the dynamics of the gendered marketplace and put women in control of $4.3 trillion every year.

Women’s purchasing power has led them to enter into housing and more women are buying houses. The single share of the woman has also increased and contributes to 20% of homes purchased

Social Media Use Amongst the Highest In The World:-

 Social Media is one of the platforms that help us to connect to people and instead it has taken a role of human in our lives.

We see people active on social media almost throughout the day. Social media comes in many forms like blogs, forums, photo sharing platform, social gaming etc. The power of social media is such that the monthly active social media users is about to reach 3.02 billion about one third of the earth’s entire population by 2021

It is estimated that about 750 million from these people are from china alone and a third of million from India by 2022

Sports and Fitness:-

Sports and fitness are like the two sides of the same coin, one need to be fit and fine in order to live a healthy lifestyle therefore sports play a vital role in the fitness of a person. It has enormous benefits to our health and our lifestyle.

Leisure and Recreation:-

Leisure is the time when you are not attending to any social or bodily needs whereas Recreation is what we want to do in our leisure time.

They both help us in charging up our body as we do not do what we are told to do but actually what we want to do. Taking part in leisure activities can help us improve our physical fitness and well being and help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays we have more leisure time because we work less and we have more holidays therefore we need to fully exploit our leisure time.

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