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Over the next five years, the UK Health & Beauty Market will be driven by product innovation, consumers becoming more interested in their looks and health, rising obesity and an ageing population. Product advancements like multi-purpose skincare and cosmetics, and medicinal ingredients used more in health & beauty products will aid the market to grow by over 23.0% by 2020.

Key Findings

Understand which categories within health & beauty will perform the best and offer the most opportunities, using our expenditure forecasts to 2020

Use our market share and channels of distribution forecasts to find out which retailers and channels pose the biggest threat

Discover our quarterly forecasts to Q4 2017 by sector, to understand short term growth trends and how inflation and volumes will impact the market

Identify the market drivers and inhibitors, and implement our strategies to improve sales and maximize opportunities in this price competitive sector

Inflation will be driven by the premium end of the market as smaller retailers and beauty brands use innovation to justify higher price points. Moreover, beauty brands will encourage additional spend by introducing newness more regularly- enticing shoppers to impulse purchase.

Intense competition by the grocers and discounters in everyday items such as toothpaste and hand wash will impact expenditure as prices are forced to stay low. Though volumes will continue to increase as shoppers are enticed to bulk buy products via promotions and discounts.

With the highest population growth in the next five years, yet the lowest spend per head, the 65+s must be better targeted via specialist product and tailored services and marketing. Retailers will continue to miss out on incremental spend unless they drive up basket size and the frequency of shopping trips from this consumer group.


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