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The upcoming publication on sugar industry will provide macro and micro level statistics on sugar industry including the perspective on production, consumption, cost of processing, export-import scenario, state wise perspective, government initiative and support, competition, distribution channel, business model, trends and development along with the future outlook and drivers of the market.

India’s Sugar Industry is the second largest in the world. It is considered as one of the important agro-based industries and has played a major role in development of economy in the country over the past five years. Sugar Industry in India has successfully catered to the enhancing domestic demand for sugar by commercially utilizing the rural resources which are available in abundance. It employs a large number of people in our economy as farmers, manufacturers and other workers.

However, having the largest area under sugarcane cultivation, the sugar produced in India is way less than the sugar produced in some of the other countries which have less area devoted for the cultivation of sugarcane but yields greater than India. The main reason behind this shortcoming is the lack of technological advancements and the usage of traditional methods for the production of sugarcane. However, with the passing time, the sugar industry in India has started laying emphasis on the better methods of production of sugarcane in the country which generates greater yield and quality product. The future of the sugarcane in the country is looking bright with great scope of improvement and developments in the near future.

Shree Renuka Sugars, Bajaj Hindustan Limited and Balrampur China Mills have been the most dominant players in the sugar market over the period 2009-2014. Other prominent vendors include Triveni Sugars, Dhampur Sugar, EID Parry and Dalmia Sugars.

Tentative Scope

  1. India Sugar Market Introduction
  2. Comparative Analysis of India Sugar Market with World
  3. Value Chain Analysis of Sugar Market in India
    • How Sugarcane is Converted into Sugar
    • Recovery Percentage of Sugarcane from Sugar in India, FY’2010-FY’2015
  4. Cyclical Process in Sugar Industry – Seasonality Involved
  5. India Sugar Market Size
    • By Revenues, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Production Volume and By Number of Sugar Mills, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Domestic Consumption Volume, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Production Capacity, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Sugar Stock, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Sugar Prices (Month on Month), FY’2010-FY’2015
  6. Consumer Profiles in India Sugar Market
    • Per capita Consumption of Sugar, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • Regional Consumption of Sugar, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • Income Wise Consumption of Sugar, FY’2015
  7. India Sugar Market Segmentation
    • By Types of Sugar (White, Refined, Raw Sugar), FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By State Wise Sugar Production and Consumption (UP, Maharastra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Others), FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Organized and Unorganized Sector, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Organizational Structure (Cooperative, Private and Public), FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By End Users (Industrial, Household and Small Businesses), FY’2010-FY’2015
      • By Commercial Sector (Dairy Processing, Confectionary, Bakery, carbonated Beverages and others), FY’2010-FY’2015
      • By Small Business (Restaurants/office/canteen/caterers, Tea/coffee Shops, Juice Centers and others)
    • By Distribution Channels (Wholesalers, Institutional and Retail), FY’2010-FY’2015
      • By Retail Distribution Channels (Mom and Pop Stores, Hypermarkets and Supermarkets and Online Stores), FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Quantity (Less than 1 Kg, 1-5 Kg, 5-10 Kg, above 10 Kg.), FY’2010-FY’2015
  8. India Sugar Market External Trade Scenario
    • By Exports (Value, Volume and Major Destinations), FY’2010-FY’2015
      • FTA with Major Destinations and Duties Involved
    • By Imports (value, Volume and Major Destinations), FY’2010-FY’2015
    • Import Duty on Sugar in India, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • Export Subsidies on Sugar, FY’2010-FY’2015
  9. Snapshot on Sugarcane Market in India and Sugar Free Sucrose Market
  10. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Sugar Manufacturing Plant in Each Major State of India (Cover cost incurred and return procured in each state)
  11. Pricing Analysis of Sugar in India (Cover SMP, Cane and Sugar Pricing, State Advised Prices for over the years), FY’2010-FY’2015
  12. Growth Drivers and Restraints in India Sugar Market
  13. Trends and Developments in India Sugar Market
  14. Government Role in India Sugar Market
    • Government Initiatives
    • Government regulations
  15. SWOT Analysis of Sugar Industry in India
  16. Comparative Analysis of Major Players in India Sugar Market (Create a Matrix in which we will cover revenues, export exposure, number of manufacturing plants, their USP, target group, revenues share from different quantity size, production capacity, regional share and other key facts,
  17. Market Share of Major Players in India Sugar Market
    • By Revenues, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Production Volume, FY’2010-FY’2020
    • By Household, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Industries, FY’2010-FY’2015
    • By Major region, FY’2010-FY’2015
  18. Company profiles of Major Players in India Sugar Market
  19. Investment Required to Install Sugar Plant in India
  20. India Sugar Market Future Outlook and Projections
    • By Utility (Households, Industries and Small Businesses), FY’2016-FY’2020
    • By Regions, FY’2016-FY’2020
    • Pricing Analysis in the Future
    • Cause and Effect relationship
    • Analyst Recommendations
  21. Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Sugar Market
    • Number of Sugar Mills in India, FY’2010-FY’2020
    • Population in India, FY’2010-FY’2020
    • Sugarcane Production in India, FY’2010-FY’2020
    • Food and beverages Market Size in India, FY’2010-FY’2020
    • Amount of Rainfall in India, FY’2010-FY’


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