uPVC Windows Accounted for about 60% Market Share in Overall uPVC Doors and Windows Market


While designing a residential, commercial or institutional building, the quality and long term advantages of fenestration materials are critically taken into consideration by the builders, architects and consumers. Windows and doors provide essential protection and architectural character to a building and must also respond to various owner-driven requirements including aesthetics, cost, performance, maintenance and life cycle.

Since the past decade, the Indian fenestration industry has undergone quite a remarkable transformation due to the introduction of several newer window and door technologies. Apart from the traditionally used materials such as wood, steel and aluminium, one such material that is rising in popularity is uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride).

Sliding and casement doors are the two most widely used product types which find their application in residential, commercial, retail, hotel and hospital settings.

India imported large reserves of PVC resins (the basic raw material used for extrusion of uPVC profiles) from neighboring South Asian and western countries in the last few years. Most organized players imported PVC resins due to comparatively lower prices and better quality of raw materials as found domestically. Some of the large domestic players such as Sanmar Group, Finolex, Reliance Industries and DCM Shriram Group produce raw materials in much higher quantity than the current consumption in the uPVC doors and windows in India. However, almost all of the PVC resins are utilized by the PVC pipes, cables and other PVC related industries. As a result, most of the demands are met by importing it.

The uPVC doors and windows market in India comprised of several medium and large scale players operating only in profile extrusion segment or performing fabrication and installation or both. Fenesta, NCL Wintech and Aparna Venster are some of the companies operating in profile extrusion, fabrication, installation and after sales customer service for their uPVC products.

The market is expected to expand synergistically in the mid-long term due to several other driving factors including shortage of household units in the country, central government’s initiatives to develop affordable housing for all by 2022 and build several smart cities across the country.

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