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Digital publishing and content streaming refers to publishing digital content on the internet by advertisers and publishers. Digital content is periodically advertised such as educational content like journals and medical publishing, informative content like news, magazine, newsletter publishing and financial magazines, entertainment sites like social media, gaming, comic book, art and travel that are publishing exclusively on the internet. All the internet publishing and broadcasting can be in the form of audio or video. The report titled “Digital Publishing And Content Streaming Global Market Report 2018”, provides a comprehensive analysis of global digital publishing and content streaming market, leading players in global digital publishing and content streaming market, leading countries global digital publishing and content streaming market, consumer’s choice, role of global digital publishing and content streaming globally, and future of global digital publishing and content streaming market.

The global digital publishing and content streaming market was valued at USD55.5 billion in 2017. North America was the largest geographic region accounting for USD18.5 billion or 0.3% of the global market. The USA was the largest country accounting for USD15.4 billion or 0.3% of the global digital publishing and content streaming market.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are video streaming user options that are popular. They use new electronic gadgets to view shows and movies through internet onto the television. Many companies such as Roku and Chromecast are replacing Xbox and PlayStation for video streaming. The global digital publishing and content streaming market cover content streaming and digital publishing. The leading players in the global digital publishing and content streaming market are Adobe, Xerox , Google Play, Georg von Holtzbrinck, and RELX. This market is geographically spread across Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa. The leading countries where global digital publishing and content streaming market is developing rapidly are Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Russia, UK, USA and Australia.

Role of Media in Global Digital Publishing and Content Streaming Market: Media is increasingly going digital across the globe. The latest electronics is capable of supporting digital media along with increasing internet access speed. This trend has provided the consumers with an option to access the media content their choice such as entertainment or social activity anytime, anywhere. There is a tremendous increase in media consumption from traditional media to new digital media, worldwide. The rise of digital media players such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV, Roku, and Boxee are challenging the traditionally media which is the main entertainment hub. Smartphones, tablet and others mobile devices are driving the digital media consumption. Over the past few years online media consumption has shown tremendous growth. Mobile devices are the leading digital media that has taken over as the preferred medium of consuming online media. Smartphone market has witnessed unprecedented growth in the recent years and will continue growing in the next few years.

Mobile devices are making it easier for consumers to access music and video content. Global consumers are attracted towards digital media consumption compared to traditional forms of media such as TV, print press, and radio.  People are spending more time each day on digital media which has witnessed a paradigm shift in the global advertising. Marketers are changing their trend and increasingly allocating their budget to digital mediums. The internet is a continuous disruptive force impacting the distribution and consumption of media. With better networks, coverage, and advanced technologies, the global data consumption has risen.  Audio and video drive the global digital media consumption drastically. Globally, video and audio traffic has dominated the internet data consumption. The global audio and video traffic when combined is expected to reach 82% of all internet traffic by the year 2018.

Content aggregators, label providers, and content right holders are the various content providers. Technology platform when combine with content providers enable the digital delivery of the content from various services like music and video streaming. Majority of the brands are witnessing success through digital programming and ad-mediation platforms which are critical. The introduction of various brands online has motivated the domestic and international players. They are providing consumers with multiple choices around content consumption with easy access to a vast library at any time and any place. Similar to music industry, video industry is also shifting towards digital formats. The highest video consumption is happening on internet through multimedia devices. More and more time is being spent on consuming digital videos which has led to a sharp increase in video traffic consumption.

Future of Digital Publishing and Content Streaming Market: Digital media consumption can be credited to the improvement in mobile devices technology and internet connectivity, which is providing consumers with the option of accessing digital media content anywhere. Audio and video are the emerging online traffic generators and are expected to increase their share of with increasing internet penetration and service adoption. Many leading digital media players adopt hybrid models where they provide a lot of content free of cost but charge for their premium content. However, the ad based music service would remain the key contributor to the overall revenues for digital music industry. With improved network speeds, demand for HD and UHD video content is expected to rise along with standard definition video streaming online.

The global digital publishing and content streaming market has witnessed a steady growth from the recent years. North America is the largest consumer of digital publishing and content streaming market across the globe. It was observed that the growth in digital publishing and content streaming market will continue over the next few years.

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