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Turbo charging is a type of supercharging done by using exhaust gas turbochargers in which the energy in the exhaust gas (expelled from the engine cylinder) is well utilized in the gas turbine, which is further attached to a centrifugal air blower and air is supplied to the ultimate scavenge air trunk.

Turbochargers have gained fame and popularity in the recent past as they have found wide applications in light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, ships & aircraft, heavy duty vehicles, and locomotives owing to different benefits like enhanced fuel-efficiency, improved engine performance in terms of power and output among others.

According to the report, United States Ships Turbocharger Market Research Report Forecast 2017 to 2022, cumulative analysis of the leading market segments and sub-segments, emerging market trends and dynamics, changing supply and demand scenarios, quantification of market opportunities through market sizing and forecasting, as well as tracking current opportunities; all has been well carried out that provides an in depth knowledge about the market.

Considering the technology point of view, Twin turbo technology has been the most popular and widely accepted amongst various areas consisting of aerospace & defence, marine, automotive and agriculture and construction owing to less fuel consumption, and cost-effectiveness. However, further variable geometry technology (VGT) is expected to attain highest CAGR with respect to advanced torque and power compared to twin turbo and waste gate technology.

The United States has well depicted an affirmative image in Turbocharger sector owing to the favourable market factors and interests charged by government and the private sector have prolonged to be steadily growing which in turn have benefited the market on a whole. Some of the major players in the US market include namely- ABB, MHI, IHI, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Cummins, and Turbo Energy Private Limited.

The country’s turbocharger market growth has mainly been driven by factors like- rigorous government regulations related to emission and fuel-efficiency, rise in popularity among key automakers for downsizing the engine and enhancements in the efficiency.

Marine industry is anticipated to attain the highest growth in the future. Risen production of ships and applauded use of turbochargers in marine vessels due to their light weight designs with high power and optimized fuel consumption are foreseen to be some of the key factors that will drive the market in the coming years to relish great success. Additionally, rising government expenditure is expected to provide huge opportunities for the market growth leading to a bright future.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

US Turbocharger Parts Market Demand
US Maritime Transport Industry Analysis
US Diesel Engines Turbocharger Market Trends
US Turbocharger Market Growth Opportunities
Global Ships Turbocharger Market Revenue and Statistics

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