US Smart Wearable Health Devices Market is expected to reach over USD 18 billion by 2021: Ken Research


US Smart Wearable Health Devices Market by Type (Smart Watch, Fitness band, Smart eyewear and other), and by Distribution Network (Online, Organized retail, Exclusive Brand Stores and Other) on the basis of volume sales. Market share of major companies by Smart Watch (Apple, Samsung and other) and Fitness band (Fitbit, Garmin, and others).

  • Smart Watch segment is expected to witness a strong demand in near future as they can perform all the functions of fitness band along with added features.
  • Smart eyeglasses have very huge potential as they are ideally located to monitor body vitals and are also close to eye, ears and mouth.
  • Chinese and Asian companies are expected to improve the market share in the US smart wearable health devices market.

Market for smart wearable health devices is expected to register a positive growth rate in future (2017-2021) but significant drop will be registered in YoY growth. It is expected that fitness band will be phased out from the consumer market and smart watches will be the best selling smart wearable accounting for very high market share by volume. Smart eyewear and smart clothes are the two main segments that may give stiff competition to the smart watch market but the product development in the field will play a very key role for demand creation in the future. Consumers will look for value for money and will only go for buy decision if they are satisfied with the value creation and usability. It is expected that smart wearables will gain a lot of demand from the enterprise segment for commercial use. Hospitals, Insurance companies and fitness centers are expected to become the key industry participants of the smart wearables. It is also expected that many other features can be embedded in the smart wearable health device that will have positive impact on the overall sales of these devices.

Online sales will gain market share as it gives the advantage of preorder booking for new products and products under developments phase. It also helps to reach a much larger audience at very reduced cost. Sales from exclusive stores are also expected to rise but drop will be registered in infomercial sales.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication, “The US Smart Wearable Devices Market by Type (Fitness Bands, Smart Watch, Smart Eyewear and Others), by Distribution Channel (Online, EBOs, MBOs, Others) – Outlook to 2021” believe that continuous evolution of technology and better integration of devices with smart phones and other smart devices will help in creating a large consumer base.

Market will be driven by consumers who remain technologically active and upgrade their hardware at regular intervals. Entry of new products segments and new consumer segments will further augment the product demand in future. Companies like Apple and Fitbit will continue their dominance in the short run. Companies developing more user friendly devices and offering better after sale service in form of upgrades are expected to dominate the market.

The report provides information on the US smart wearable devices market size, market segmentation by type of devices and by type distribution network. It also cover market share of major players in smart watch and fitness band segment along with company profile of major and emerging players.

Topics covered in the Report

Competition Apple Smart Watch

Wearable Device Market Forecasts

Smart Watches Market by value

Wearable Tech Market Growth

Wearable Electronics Market Trends

Market Share Fitbit Fitness Band

Smart Watch Industry Analysis

Wearable Technology Market Size and Share

Wearables market overview

Wearable Technology Market in United States

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