What is the Potential of India Cold Chain Market?


The cold chain industry revenue increased from INR ~ billion in 2012 to INR ~ billion in 2017 at a CAGR of ~%. The total cold storage capacity is estimated at ~ million MT with ~ cold storages and ~ reefer trucks operating in the space. The cold chain potential remain untapped due to certain reasons such as high share of single commodity cold storage, high initial investment, lack of enabling infrastructure leading to poor quality produce. The market growth was driven by growth in production of horticulture produce, dairy and meat products. Adding to this increasing urbanization and growth of organized retail, food servicing and food processing sectors created demand for cold storage facilities.

India cold chain market has been propelled by government initiatives such as 100% FDI, monetary and tax benefits, establishment of National Center for Cold Chain Development and others. Additionally, rising export demand for frozen food has also boosted the revenues of the cold chain market of India over the period 2010-2015. India’s cold chain industry is still evolving and is highly fragmented with more than ~ companies in the value system. Organized players contribute only ~% of the cold storage industry market. Approximately ~% of these cold storages in India has capacity below 1,000 MT and majority of the cold storages in the country are located in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab and Maharashtra.

India Cold Chain Market Research

How has India Cold Storage Market grown?

India Cold storage market increased from INR ~ crore in 2012 to INR ~ crore in 2016 at a CAGR of ~%. The market was supported by increase in storage capacity and the number of cold storage warehouses in the country. During this period, the total capacity of cold chain industry increased from ~ million MT in 2012 to ~ million MT in 2016. In addition to this, the number of cold storages increased from ~ in 2012 to ~ in 2016. The cold storage market growth was facilitated by the growth in agricultural and allied sectors such as fishery, poultry and others from USD ~ billion in FY’15 to USD ~ billion in FY’17. The agricultural export was estimated at USD 33.9 billion in FY’17.

Favorable government policies have assisted major companies to expand their geographic reach and allowed international players to enter the market. The country is dominated by a large number of small and medium sized cold storage units located near farms, seaports, airports, pharmaceutical hubs and food processing clusters. Almost ~% of the cold storages are dedicated for the storage of potatoes. This is supported by increasing disposable income levels and changing consumer lifestyle.

How Have the Various Segments Performed in India Cold Storage Market?

The market has been further segmented on the basis of organized and unorganized market, size of firms, products, domestic and international companies, owned and rented and region

India cold storage market is dominated by a large number of small unorganized firms which have accounted for ~% of the overall revenue of cold storage market in 2017 whereas the organized players have gathered ~% of the market in 2017. Small warehouses with a capacity of less than 1,000 pallets have accounted for ~% of the cold storages in India in FY’2017. The medium sized cold storages with a pallet size of 1,000 to 5,000 have captured ~% of the market and the large scold storages have gathered ~%. Further, the market is dominated by domestic cold storage companies with ~% of the total cold storages in India in FY’2017 and the international companies have captured the rest ~% of the cold storages.

On the basis of products, fruits and vegetables have accounted for the major share of ~% of the total cold storage capacity in FY’2017. This is followed by milk and milk products with ~% of the storage capacity and meat and fish with ~%

How has India Cold transport Market grown?

India cold transport is in the growth stage with ~ reefer trucks as of 2017 dominated by small and non integrated firms. The industry faces challenges such as high petrol cost and operational cost, lack of skilled drivers and outdated technology. Key growth drivers include meat products export, rising demand for confectionary, frozen food and packaged food. Growth in dairy industry and a gradual shift in transportation mode from insulated to reefer containers for fruits and vegetables, milk, curd and processed dairy products has been steadily driving the transport reefer industry. Digital revolution has enabled fleet owners to monitor the truck movement and noting the performance parameters through a mobile app. This has helped them track and reduce theft, secure and control the number of door openings, and optimize time for loading/unloading. In India, due to renewed focus on developing the rural areas, especially due to the PMGSY (Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna), the rural road infrastructure network has improved which has enabled cold transport players to traverse large distances.

How Have the Various Segments Performed in India Cold transport Market?

India cold transport market has been segmented on the basis of organized and unorganized market, domestic and international companies, mode of transport and domestic and international transport.

The unorganized sector has accounted for ~% of the revenue share in India cold transport market in 2017. The share of organized sector has increased from ~% in 2012 to ~% in 2017.

Domestic cold transport companies have accounted for ~% of the revenue share in India cold transport market in 2017 whereas international companies have occupied only ~% of the revenue share

Road and rail freight has accounted for ~% of the revenue in India cold transport market in 2017. This is driven by growth of online grocery, food processing industry and improving road infrastructure. Air freight transport has gathered ~% of the market revenue in 2017. Highly temperature sensitive goods such as pharmaceutical products majorly use air transport. Sea transport has captured a minor share of ~% in the total revenue of India cold transport market in 2017.

Who are the Major Players in India Cold Chain Market?

India cold chain market is in the growing stage with major players undertaking expansion strategy to tap the huge potential present in sector. The market is highly fragmented with the organized sector contributing ~% of the revenue in the cold storage market. The companies compete on various parameters including the warehouse capacity, number of pallets, fleet, temperature range, network coverage and locations. In future, the market is expected to consolidate. The major players in India cold chain market include Snowman Logistics, Cold Star Logistics, Schedulers, Gubba Coild Storage, Kailash Agro Cold Storage, M J Logistics Services Ltd, Deccan Cold Storage Pvt Ltd, Dev Bhumi Cold Chain, Gati Kausar Cold Chain Solutions and ColdEx Pvt. Ltd

What is the Future Outlook for India Cold Chain Market?

India cold chain market is projected to reach INR ~ billion at a CAGR of ~%. The cold storage capacity will expand to ~ million MT. The growth of online grocery retail and food processing industry will further create demand for cold storage and transportation facilities as major players and QSR chains undertake expansion across various cities in the country. The demand from pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow at the fastest rate. This will be driven by prevalence of diseases which is expected to rise in the country owing to increase in the aging population. The proportion of population above 65 years of age is expected to increase from 6.1% in 2017 to approximately 7.0% in 2019. Further, favorable government initiative such as SAMPADA scheme will facilitate the growth of small and medium size cold chain companies. Agro food, fruits, vegetables and processed food industry will account for ~% of the revenue in India cold chain market in 2022. The food processing industry is expected to grow three fold by 2020 to reach USD ~ billion by 2020.

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