WhatsApp Ban Lifted In Brazil, Zuckerberg Urges Brazilians To Make Their Voice Heard


Whatsapp is back online in Brazil within 24 hours of a judge’s order to suspend its services for 72 hours. Whatsapp had failed to provide access to chat records demanded by authorities for a drug investigation after which the judge ordered to block its service. Facebook appealed against the decision after which a judge has now ordered Whatsapp to resume in the country.

Mark Zuckerberg, while celebrating the decision through a Facebook post, urged all Brazil citizens to support new laws which could prevent a similar thing from happening in future.

WhatsApp is now back online in Brazil! Your voices have been heard once again. Thank you to our community for helping resolve this. That said, the idea that everyone in Brazil can be denied the freedom to communicate the way they want is very scary in a democracy.

wrote Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg further urged the people of Brazil to get involved in the issue to make sure such thing never happens again. He invited Brazilians to sign a petition on change.org to register their protest against the blocking of websites and apps and demanding free internet.

The internet needs to be free. Block sites on the Internet which affect all users is something countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, China and North Korea. Brazil is not and can not become a North Korea.

read the petition.

The petition has already garnered 138712 supporters in its aim to reach 150000 supporters. Zuckerberg also invited Brazilians to personally attend an event hosted by Internet Freedom Caucusin which will introduce laws to prevent blocking internet services like WhatsApp.

The greatest impact you can have is to show up in front of Congress at 6pm. There will be a lively discussion of the importance of connecting people.

wrote Zuckerberg.

He further urged people to make their voice heard and demand change given the fact that Brazilians have been leaders in connecting the world and creating an open internet for many years.

Source:: http://thetechportal.in/2016/05/04/whatsapp-resumed-in-brazil/


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