Why to use a Laptop Stand? Adjustable Laptop Stand


Sadly the design of a laptop with an attached screen & keyboard causes a laptop user to be in awkward body postures. Laptops were hence not designed for long term use!

When the screen is at eye level, the keyboard position is too high creating bad hand/wrist posture; when the keyboard is at elbow height, the screen is too low causing you to hunch & poke your neck down. This creates an ongoing trade-off between poor neck/head & hand/wrist postures.

These poor postures are unsustainable in the long term & many people find that out the hard way!

The commonest problems faced are:

  • Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (“Repetitive Strain Injuries” (RSI))
  • Neck Pain
  • Tight, strained shoulder muscles

Setting Up Your Laptop the Ergonomic way

A comfortable ergonomic workstation setup promotes:

  • Neutral back position with the neck in line with the rest of the the spine (NOT bent forwards)
  • Back upright & supported
  • Shoulders relaxed (NOT hunched or rounded)
  • Elbows close to the body & bent at an angle between 90 &120 degrees
  • Wrist & hands straight (NOT bent or turned)

Ergonomic Laptop set up using a Laptop Stand India

Laptop stand – A portable device that transforms your laptop into a comfortable desktop workstation improving head-neck alignment & therefore user comfort.

Place your laptop on a laptop stand so the screen is at eye level or slightly below. Attach an external keyboard & mouse at or slightly below elbow height. Sit far back into your Ergonomic Office Chair. Use a footrest to fill the gap between your feet & the floor if needed.

This configuration will now give you the Ergonomic setting described above with neutral joint postures. Your head-neck remains straight not poking forwards & your hand-wrist are also in a neutral alignment.

This is so much more comfortable than hunching over your laptop placed on a low desk or your lap. Your neck and wrists will feel much better with this new improved alignment & it will be a permanent lifestyle change for better health.

Thinking about & improving your workstation set up will go a long way not just in protecting your body but also improving your productivity, creativity & capacity to work.

Note: Do not place your notebook directly on your lap as the excessive heat has been proven to cause internal damage when used like that for prolonged periods. It is much better to place it on an adjustable laptop stand.


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